Problem of Citizens and What We Should Do

In the previous articles - the relationship between citizenship and civics, concept of citizenship, qualities of good citizens, relation between citizens, government & state have been discussed. By using these ideas in this article, we will discuss various problems of civic life and means of solution of the same.

After studying this article, we would be able to -

• identify the main problems of civic life.

• analyze the cause of population problem and its influence and means of solution.

• describe the cause of illiterecy, influence and means of solution.

• explain the cause of crisis of food security and means of redress.

• describe the idea of environmental disasters.

• describe the means of facing enviromnental disasters.

• explain the sources of terrorism, its influence on the social life and the means of eliminating it.

• describe the cause of woman trafficking and the means of redress.

• describe the role of citizens to solve the problem of the citizens.

We all are citizens of Bangladesh. As citizens, we live in towns or villages. From birth to death at first we remain in the family, then in the society and then in the state. To live in these places, besides various kinds of facilities, we face various disturbances or problems. Such kinds of problems and means of their solutions are discussed below.

1. Population problem and its means of redress.

2. Food Security

3. Terrorism

4. Environmental mishap

5. Illiteracy

6. Torture on Women: Cause and remedy


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