Environmental Mishaps and What should we do?

Environmental Mishaps

Before proceed please learn about Problem of Citizens and What should we do

Our environment is built up by everything surrounding us including rivers, canals, hills, mountains and trees. The sound natural environment is the main basis of sustainable development and healthy life. When the activities of human beings destroy this normal situation of the environment, environmental mishap is created.

Causes of environmental mishap

Human beings grow surrounding the environment. Again, because of human beings, environment is polluted all the time. For economic progress through the industrial development men are building mills and factories by cutting trees and thus deforesting the forests. As a result various ingredients of the enviromenent such as soil, air, water are being polluted.

The mills and factories in the towns are built-up centering some water bodies. The crude wastage of the mills and factories are thrown in the water of drains. It mixes with the water of rivers and water is polluted. Moreover, due to using fertilizer and pesticides on the land, water is polluted. Due to pollution, now the Burigonga river of Dhaka is becoming dead. The rivers Shitolokkha, Turag and Balu are proceeding to the same situation gradually. Beyond Dhaka the situation of rivers is the same. The Karnaphuly river of Chittagong is also faced with dangerous pollution. By the established cement factories beside the Dholeshori river of Munshigonj the water, land and air are getting poisonous due to pollution.

Another example of environmental destruction is that the destruction of forests for the large scale use of wood for fuelling of brick fields, cooking in the houses, construction of building and making furniture. Besides, in the hilly areas the forests and tress are being destroyed for cultivating zoom. It has become risky for the natural environment. For sustaining the ecological balance of a country 25 percent forest area of the total land area of a country is needed. But the area of forest in our country has been reduced to 6% from 20% of the total land area. The remaining portion is now at the point of destruction.

Harmful Sides

Due to the reduction of forest, capturing water bodies and pollution, the animals of the country are being reduced seriously. The local variety of crops, fishes, trees etc. are facing the threat of destruction. Under the pressure of environment campaign, government has forbidden the use of polythene bags. But it is not being followed fully. In addition to that, as packets of various goods the use of plastic is increasing gradually. As a result, in towns even in villages the amount of plastic and organic non-decomposable waste is increasing day by day. For the increase of it only - for - one - time - useable elements, the clinical waste is increasing swiftly and poisonous and radioactive ingredients are left in it. Without having separate and proper recycling system, these wastes are being mixed with the general waste and making the environment poisonous.

On the other hand, change of climate has become risky for the existence of Bangladesh. Change of climate is attacking Bangladesh in various ways and will continue to do the same. Among those the most notables are increase of salinity due to sea level raising, strong velocity of the river, natural calamity and epidemic/disease etc. Due to the dense population, such influences of changing the climate increase the possibility of crores of people being homeless and unemployed. This situation might make Bangladesh unstable on the whole. It also might be the cause of danger in the future not only for neighbouring countries but also for the whole world. For that reason from the long term perspective the change of climate has become the biggest challenge for Bangladesh today. To face this challenge, all should be conscious collectively.

Government and non-government effort to face the environmental mishap

Really, for development of Bangladesh preservation of environment is urgent. Due to over population, the number of people affected by the environmental pollution has increased largely. Because of small area and highly dense population these problems have taken a serious turn for Bangladesh. To get rid of these terrible situations, the steps to be taken are mentioned below:

• The mills and factories which have been built-up in an unplanned way should be declared closed.

• Not to permit establishment of mills or factories in the residential area.

• To identify the harmful industries that are absolutely responsible for environment pollution and declare them closed.

• To take steps for teaching and training the labourers of the industry.

• Not to throw the garbage everywhere.

• To increase forestation and in this respect all people should be motivated.

• To take the social forestation programs on a large scale and to strengthen the campaign of plantation.

• To control cutting of hills.

• To prohibit the use of polythene bags and implement laws in this regard properly.

• To stop the use of plastic.

• To take effective steps to stop burning wood in the brick fields.

• To make the people aware regarding health rules, so that they may become conscious regarding the adverse influence of the environment.

• To stop the huge use of fertilizer and pesticide and to motivate people to use the organic fertilizer.

• To motivate the people in campaign of preserving the environment and to persuade to participate in that campaign.

• To form specialist teams for measurement of the harmful ingredients, to take the required steps through them.

What we should do as the citizens

As citizens, we are responsible for preserving the environment. We should not cut any tree illogically. In respect of environment preservation we should plant trees in our yards and on the road sides. We should not throw polythene bags into the drains. We should observe environmental rules. Being organized we should make the people of the society conscious regarding bad effects of environmental pollution.

Work: Write down the steps you will take to keep the surrounding places of your residence and rivers, canals and heels free from pollution and present the same in the class room.

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