Terrorism and Political Violence

Terrorism and Political Violence

Before proceed please learn about Problem of Citizens and What should we do

What is terrorism?

Mainly, terrorism means to apply force or to threaten the application of force for certain objectives or work. As miscreants or anti-social persons can do it, it can happen in the whole state or even in the context of the whole world. Terrorism has been going on in the society for ages. The main sources of terrorism are mentioned below.

• For gaining any aim, adoption of violent working procedure or threatening of violence.

• To conduct the violent and other extremist procedure for preserving the human rights of the destitute.

• In view of terrorism, doing harm to life and property of the civilized people or to attack the state institutions.

• To use violent ways to exact demands in spite of having legal procedure and peaceful solution.

Types of Terrorism

Terrorism done by the criminal gang

Terrorist activities are conducted by a gang of criminals. This criminal group conducts the acts of terrorism in an organised way. They have a top leader. From the Behind the eye of people his appointed men murder people, do smuggling activities. Besides, they create horror in the mind of the people in various ways.

Political Terrorism

Some political parties, organizations or communities in the name of politics do the activities of terrorism. Some of them are seen doing terrorism in the name of religion. In the name of class struggle, some parties or organizations do terrorism. Under the shelter of the established political party of the country also, at times terrorism is seen to be conducted.

Ideology-based Terrorism

Some communities choose the path of terrorism with a view to establishing their specific norm. In the name of killing the class enemy political killings in our country have occurred. Religious jongibad/terrorism is not only seen among the Muslims, it is also seen among the Hindus, Christians, Judas and all communities. The religious jongis/terrorists in violent ways of terrorism kill the general people and harm the state institutions. These are absolutely anti- religious activities in the name of religion.

State Terrorism

By showing various pleas, the state often takes the path of terrorism and launches suppressing and torturing activities on the institutions or mass communities. This is called state terrorism. The state of Israel has done such terrorism on the people of Palestine in various times. Such assaults are conducted on the minor groups of people or various communities inside the state.

Causes of Terrorism: Terrorism occurs for two causes : a) General causes and b) External causes.

General Cause

Economic Disparity

If there is inequitable distribution of wealth in any society, one class of people become richer and another class of people become poorer. In this situation anger is created in the mind of the deprived people. As a result, to overcome hunger, poverty and unemployment some people of the low income families engage themselves in criminal activities to earn more money within the shortest possible time. Besides, unemployment is a social disease in our country. Its negative influence falls on the active youth community of the society. As a result the youth community involves in terrorism and become motivated to be financially self- reliant for building their fate.

Narrow political culture

If selfishness prevails in the political culture of a county and if politics becomes the means of recovering the personal and party interest then the birth of terrorism is not unnatural in that political culture. Because, for the personal interest, terrorists are to be nourished.

Lack of good governance

To find out the criminal and to take steps to punish them is the responsibility of the law enforcing agency and administration. But due to administrative weakness and political pressure, some times the administrators play a silent role. The law enforcing agency has the structural weakness such as weak training, old arms, imbalanced ratio of police and people. This weakens the role of the law enforcing agency to prevent terrorism. For these reasons, many weak terrorists become capable of showing their strength. Moreover, without having the standard training sometimes the prevailing detective agencies cannot face the prevailing terrorism at present.

External Reasons

In terrorism, as there is the internal motivation, there might be external motivation as well. It is assumed that supply of illegal arms, easy availability of illegal arms work behind the terrorism.

Prevention of terrorism and means of remedy

Terrorism is a social disease in Bangladesh. It might be prevented as well as defended. If the steps below are taken, terrorism might not be born and the terrorists might not hamper the security of the life and property of the citizens.

Making laws against terrorism: In view of prevention of terrorism, it is necessary to make hard laws against the terrorists. Those who violate the law and discipline openly and do harm to the lives and assets of the people cannot be pardoned in any way. If severe punishment is meted out for the prevention of terrorism, it is hoped that terrorism will be reduced.

Reformation of Police Administration: To prevent terrorism the police force shall have to be reformed with modern arms and tools and they should be given modem training. Moreover, there is a big difference in police and people ratio in our country. Here for 1400 people one police officer is engaged. This situation should be changed. It is essential to increase the number of police, police boxes and police stations.

Increasing employment and providing allowance to the unemployed : By establishing cottage industries, large mills and factories, vacant posts in all sectors should be filled and new employment should be created. If it is possible to eradicate unemployment, terrorism will be reduced. To eradicate unemployment, it is necessary to provide the minimum allowance to the unemployed for them to lead the minimum standard of life, if not like the advanced countries. As social security, allowance to the unemployed is a good step.

Education for all and arousal of values: Through creating the opportunity for education for all, the social and moral values should be aroused. In this view in schools and in various educational programs moral education might be introduced. In this way terrorism might be possible to control.

Giving no shelter to terrorists in the political party: In political parties no terrorists should be given shelter. If any political party helps the terrorists or gives them shelter, the registration of that party shall have to be cancelled. No member of such a political party will get opportunity to participate in election; in this regard the national parliament can prepare a law.

Rigid Administration : To stop terrorism, bribery and corruption, hard administrative steps shall have to be taken. If the police administration and general administration might do work freely and neutrally that should be ensured.

Mass Awareness: Mass awareness might play an effective role to prevent terrorism. If the mass people become conscious and organized, terrorism will be reduced. We should obey social and religious values.

What should we do as citizens

As citizens we should be conscious about terrorism. We will learn the bad sides of terrorism. To prevent the terrorism we will help/support the law enforcing agencies. We should obey social and religious values.

Individual work: Identify a terrorist activity published in a daily newspaper recently and write your recommendation to solution.

Work: make a list of the ways terrorism might be faced and hang the same in the class room.

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