Illiteracy problem in Bangladesh

Illiteracy problem in Bangladesh

Before proceed please learn about Problem of Citizens and What should we do

Illiteracy is one of the main problems of the citizens of Bangladesh. Due to illiteracy an illiterate person cannot bring any benefit for the state and society rather he/she becomes a burden for the society. Most of the people of Bangladesh live in villages. An illiterate person is that person who does not have any alphabetical knowledge and who even cannot write his name. Many people in rural areas are illiterate. There are also many illiterate people in urban areas.

In 1997 the 'Ministry of Primary and Mass Education' of Govt. commenced the 'Total Literacy Movement'. Through the campaign of 'Total Literacy Movement' the 'Ministry of Primary and Mass Education' has taken a political decision to eradicate illiteracy from the country within 2014.

The rate of illiteracy among the poor people is very high. The main cause is their economic condition. In spite of being meritorious the children of the poor families cannot study. Many poor students due to want of money cannot achieve higher education. In the meantime at present, many rich persons, non-govt. banks and organizations are giving opportunity to the poor but meritorious students to continue their study.

Eradicating illiteracy: What to be done by the government & citizen

Illiteracy is a national problem. It is the responsibility of all to face it. To save the country from the curse of illiteracy the role of the govt. and citizens is equally significant. About half of the population of the country are illiterate. It is not possible for the govt. alone to educate this huge population. The entire educated community shall have to take this responsibility. And those who are illiterate should be interested in education. If all the people can solve this problem jointly it will be possible to achieve the national development. To make the huge people of the country literate, the steps that should be taken by the government and citizens are as below:

Collection of Information

The accurate number and location of the illiterate people shall have to be ascertained. In this regard the problems and causes of traditional occupation shall have to be indentified based on various localities and situations. Government does this work by taking projects and forming a taskforce. To provide the accurate information the citizens have to come forward spontaneously.

Adult Education

The govt. shall have to take special programs in the villages for adult education and food for education or non-government organizations (NGO) should be engaged in this work. In this respect the educated unemployed persons might be involved.

Vocational Education

Books are required to be written for occupational education instead of formal education. Only formal education is not helpful enough for the adults. A few days later they may forget their education. By providing them vocational education the illiterate persons shall have to be introduced with every profession. Then they will not forget the acquired education and their alphabetical knowledge.

Launching loan & donation for education

For eradicating illiteracy, steps are to be taken for providing donation and scholarship at the government and non-government level. Though the education of the illiterate persons is not formal yet, if they are provided with scholarship and stipend, they will be interested in education. It is not possible for the govt. alone to provide such loan, donation, scholarship and stipend. In this respect our educated and rich persons should come forward. For the development of the people and the state all should come forward with a spirit of generosity.

To launch the education bank

For eradicating illiteracy education bank might be initiated. Such a bank not only provides loan to the illiterate persons but, it will also provide loan to the primary, secondary and high education level. To stop dropping out of students it is necessary to provide them with financial support. In this respect education bank might be a mentionable step. If the govt. becomes sincere, it is possible to establish and launch such banks.

Participation of citizens

For eradicating illiteracy the people of all levels of the society shall have to be utilized. For providing educational equipment and establishing the educational institutions the participation of citizens should be inspired. In this respect several NGOs of the country such as Ahsania Mission, BRAC, Sonirbhor Bangladesh, CARE, SIDA, UCEP etc are working restlessly. If it is possible to remove illiteracy through participation of the govt. and citizens, a strong foundation of national advancement will be made. Through gaining the vocational education the literate people might be changed into manpower.

If any illiterate person exists in our family we may provide them with alphabetical knowledge personally to eradicate illiteracy. Together with friends we may build-up clubs to eradicate illiteracy. On the basis of voluntary labor primarily we can provide them with knowledge of the alphabet. As citizens, our work of this kind will play an important role in building the nation. Because, education is the backbone of a nation.

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