Population problem and its means of redress

Before proceed please learn about Problem of Citizens and What should we do

What is population problem?

If the birth rate of human beings exceeds the death rate and if the birth rate exceeds the increase of assets, then the population becomes a problem in a country. Because, the need of the additional population is not possible to fulfill with the limited assets of the country. Population problem is one of the main problems for Bangladesh and the world but some people consider the problem of growing population less severe than the world’s problem such as unrest, hunger, poverty, racism and health. In several areas it is necessary to increase the population, because for conducting the production activities labors are needed. As per another doctrine, only the increasing population in all the places is not responsible for all problems. Considering the interest of the future generation, it is necessary to decrease the present increasing rate of population.

Picture of Population Problem in Bangladesh

Considering the population Bangladesh is the 8th largest country of the world and the 5th largest country of Asia. The land area of this country is 1,47,570 square kilometers. At present the population of Bangladesh is about 15 crore and the rate of increasing the population is 1.3 7. In each square kilometer of land area 1100 people live in Bangladesh, but in China in spite of having 1.4 billion of population only 140 people live in each square kilometer of land area and in India in spite of having 1.2 billion of people only 362 people live in each square kilometer of land area. Over population is one of the main problems of Bangladesh. Due to over population living has become difficult in the towns and villages. As per demand of the population in the towns it is not being possible to supply electricity, water and gas. Due to load shedding of electricity for all the time, insufficient supply of water etc. the

citizens' life is becoming painful. Because of the insufficient opportunity of employment in the villages, the unemployed men of those places are moving to the towns. In villages due to over population want of sufficient food is seen, opportunity of proper education does not exist, malnutrition and want of medical treatment are observed all the time. On the other hand, due to increasing population in our country people are making their homes on the cultivable land and by cutting the forest. Due to over population rivers and canals and heels are being filled-up. In spite of having these problems, through gaining the huge foreign currency by exporting the manpower to foreign countries, this problem has become a possibility in Bangladesh. But in comparison with the total population, it is not still sufficient.

Causes of population growth in Bangladesh

Influence of climate: Bangladesh is located in the tropical region. So, the climate of this country is hot. Due to influence of hot climate boys and girls become adults in early age and become capable of reproduction. As a result, the rate of population growth is high.

Child marriage and polygamy: In our country marriage is considered a religious duty. Due to this responsibility especially parents become conscious to marry off their boys and girls within the shortest possible time. As a result child marriage is widely customary in our society. Due to getting married at an early age the number of their children is increasing. On the other hand, in several areas it is found that one male has more than one spouse. Specially, in the low income families this inclination is greater. Thus due to child marriage and polygamy population is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh.

Poverty: Most of the people of our country are poor. The standard of life of the poor people is also low. They do not think wisely about maintaining the life cost of their family members. On the other hand thinking of the future they have more children. As a result ill-health population is increasing fast.

Socio -economic Security : Most of the people of our country think that male children are capable of ensuring the social and economical security of their old parents. For more security they expect more than one male child. As a result population increases.

Lack of Education: Due to illiteracy and ignorance, the people of our country have many children without thinking of their food and clothing, education, medical treatment etc. As a result, population is increasing rapidly.

Social viewpoint: Most of the parents of our country fear that their children may do a social offence if married off at the adult age. For this reason and due to possibility of being humiliated in the society, by arranging marriage quickly they try to avoid menace. This is why population is increasing at a high rate.

Lack of Birth Administration: Small family is a happy family- such consciousness is not seen in our country largely. On the other hand, due to lack of facility of family planning and people not being conscious in this respect, population is increasing.

Means of solving the population problem: Govt. & Non-Govt. Effort

Due to the rapid increase of population various problems have been created in Bangladesh. If the population is not changed into manpower, a terrible situation will be created in the country. For solution of population problem the following steps might be taken.

Realignment of population: The density of population in all places of Bangladesh is not the same. So, the population has to be realigned. People should be moved from a higher density region to a lower density region. Doing so, employment of the people can be created and their life standard can be developed.

Export of Manpower: In our country the wages of the labors are low, because we have a huge labor force. By providing training of technology to the huge population and by providing training to the capable labors, steps are to be taken to send them to the Middle East, Far East, Africa and Western countries. Thus, income in foreign currency will increase and unemployment will be eradicated. The ministry of manpower should take initiative in this respect.

Increase of employment and re-distribution of income: To solve overpopulation problem the living standard of the people shall have to be increased. The standard will increase if opportunity of employment is created. By imposing tax in a large scale on the rich people and collecting the same from them, the development programs shall have to be implemented. If it is possible to provide work to the people and if they are made free from poverty they will be self-conscious and will realize their responsibility.

Spread of Education : Education makes a man conscious. To develop the living standard of the people, the educated people keep on trying. Being attracted to the small family, the educated family reduces the rate of population growth.

Economic Development : Through agricultural and industrial development, creating developed market and building a developed communication system, the economic development should be made smooth. Cultivation of more crops in the same land and hybrid crops are needed to grow more crops. By producing raw materials, industries will have to be built. With the goods produced in the cottage industry, large industry will have to be built. For easy marketing of the agricultural and industrial products and for their easy sale development of bazars and communication system should be ensured. If we are able to do these, the population will be manpower instead of being a problem.

Controlling of population and family planning: By lowering the high birth rate, population should be controlled. 'One child is desirable, two are sufficient'. This slogan shall have to be implemented. In this respect consciousness of citizen and responsibility of the government are very important. The citizens will have to imagine that there is no credit in having more children. So, they shall have to adopt the family planning system. On the other hand, the family planning program of the government should be strengthened. The ministry of family planning will have to appoint field workers on a large scale. The family controlling medicines should be easily available and for providing service to control the birth rate, sufficient clinics should be built-up. On the other hand, mass awareness should be created through a huge campaign on birth control and family planning.

Adaptation of population policy: In 2004 the government adopted the new population policy by modifying the population policy of 1976. Under this policy for controlling population government took various efforts. Among them the mentionable objective is - ensuring family planning for all making the health service easy and available. Besides, to increase awareness of the adolescents steps should be taken to provide information, advice and service regarding birth control; by using the mass media peoples, awareness regarding the good effects of birth control should be increased; equity of men and women and power of women should be ensured. These population policies should be implemented.

Motivating the destitute people in birth control

Through various govt. and non-govt. initiatives for the activities of birth control the standard of service should be improved in the unprivileged area. To implement the activities of birth control, the government and non-government physicians will have to work together. Through small loans and bringing the women outside of the house for new professions, they will have to be given the opportunity of abstaining from production of more children.

Work : Identify one of your neighboring over populated family and find out the nature of their problems and their impact.

What we should do for the solution of over population problem as citizens

For social and economic development in Bangladesh, it is urgent to control the birth of population. It is our responsibility as conscious citizens to play a role in population control.

At first, regarding bad effects of over population the citizens must be conscious and make others conscious. Secondly, if any illiterate child or person exists in our family or in the family of the neighboring persons- we can motivate them by providing the facility of education. More population than assets is the curse for a family. It is a burden for the nation. On the other hand, if it is possible to make the people skilled by providing them education, it will be the asset for the nation.

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