The Food Security Concept

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What is food security?

Food security does not mean only having food. It means availability of food, purchasing capacity of food and nutrition of food. As the food grain is the main food of the people of Bangladesh, especially rice, supply of rice and sustainability of price are the main things of gaining food security.

Nature of the lack of food security in Bangladesh

At present about half of the population of Bangladesh are prey to food-based poverty. They do not have money to purchase sufficient food for receiving the required amount of 2,122 kilo calorie per head. Besides shortage of calorie, the food of this poor community is not balanced. In each meal of the day a priority of food grains is seen. 80% of the calorie taken by them every day comes from food grain, mainly rice. They take very little food containing fat, oil and protein. Women and children are the main victims of such unbalanced food. Women and children need nutritious food than the male.

Causes of Food Insecurity

The main causes of food insecurity are -

Production of less food: The production of vegetables, fruits, pulse, oil seed, fish, meat, egg, milk etc. is low in the country. On the other hand, the small income of the people and their dependence on the food grains have a negative influence on this small production. As a result, there is a lack of food security.

Small income of the people: The per head income of our people is much less than that of the people of other countries. When the per head income of the people decreases, people cannot purchase the required amount of food. As a result, food insecurity is seen.

Lack of knowledge on nutrition : A mentionable portion of the people have lack of knowledge on nutrition. And for this reason they cannot select the proper food for their health. In recent time the availability of food has increased remarkably in Bangladesh. Increase in production and import of food in Bangladesh both play an important role in availability of food. But the additional food could not ensure security to the people who have been leading their life under poverty for a long time and who are suffering from the lack of food security. Because, they do not have sufficient produced crops and sufficient money and property for purchasing food. At the time of calamity, the relief is distributed which ensures temporary food security to this community. But it can not give them any long-term food security.

Govt. Effort for Gaining the Food Security

To gain food security, a proper food policy is required. Ensuring the food security through poverty alleviation is the largest challenge of food policy of Bangladesh. Storage of food by the govt. ensures the minimum supply of food in emergency period. If shortage of food is seen owing to any natural calamity such as flood and any other cause- the poor community suffers most. And to face this crisis the govemnent takes the program of providing social security. 95% of total expenditure of the social security program is spent for food distribution which aims at providing relief and for giving facility of education, health, income generating skill, infrastructure etc. By analyzing the portion of total population who participate in food support program, it is found that the three programs such as Vulnerable Group Development (VGD), Food For Education and Vulnerable Group Feeding (VGF) are playing an important role in improving the situation of the poor people.

Means of Gaining Food Security

To ensure food security, it is essential to increase food production, food availability and purchasing capacity etc. Many countries of the world such as- China, India, Singapore and various countries of Africa are planning to increase the production of food by acquiring land, which can be done in our country too. At the national level availability of food depends on effectiveness and structure of bazar, seasonal variety in internal food production, market efficiency and the government system of distribution of food. And the food security of the people depends on production, availability of food and it also depends on the easy receivability of that food in the market. The farmers will try to increase the production more if they can receive loan with simple terms and conditions.

Work: Going to market Karim Mia sees the high price of rice and inadequate supply of it. Identify the causes of these problems and find out the ways of solution. Only supply and consumption of food cannot present a healthy and productive nation. For this the quality and security of food should be ensured. On the other hand adulteration is a large obstacle to security of food. It is also harmful for health. By using the prevailing laws and amending them if necessary and by creating social awareness, the government should very urgently control the adulteration of food.

What we should do to gain food security

In Bangladesh until the year 2000, 44% of people used to lead their life below the absolute poverty line. In 2005 it was reduced to 40%. This hard core poor people cannot fulfill their minimum demand of food. As citizens, we all have responsibility to gain food security. We should learn well about food security and we can take good steps to ensure it. We can cultivate various crops in empty lands around our homesteads in homeyard and reduce the demand of crops. Being conscious of the food habit personally we can ensure our own food security.

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