Torture on Women: Cause and Remedy

Torture on Women: Cause and Remedy

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What is Torture on women ?

As per Beizing Declaration, torturing women means such work or behavior, which is done against women and which harms women physically and mentally. On the other hand, threat of doing harm and snatching freedom of women socially or personally by applying force or whimsically are also included in women tourture. Two cases on women torture are depicted here.

Neglecting female children

Case-1: Mina is a student of Economics department of Jagannath University. Even in her childhood she was meritorious. Her elder brother older than her by one year used to read with her in the same class. Though the elder brother of Mina used to be coached by teachers in various classes, she never got such opportunity. After passing HSC Mina got opportunity to study in Sylhet Medical College and her brother got opportunity to study in Mymensingh Medical College. Though the father of Mina admitted his son in Mymensingh Medical College, he compelled Mina to study in Jagannath University on the ground of high expenses for medical education. Mina's dream of being a physician was destroyed at the initial stage.


Case-2 : Morjina who is a student of class ten lives in a village. Her father bears the family cost from the crops of his paternal land property. Morjina has four brothers in her family; in spite of being meritorious, her father married her off to a owner of a grocery shop. But her husband did not do this business attentively. So he incurred loss in his shop. After some days of marriage, the husband of Morjina told her to bring money from her father. He told that after two years he would go abroad and created pressure on Morjina to bring two lac taka from her father by selling land property. In this respect all the people of the family of her father-in-law also told her to bring money from her father. For this she quarrelled with the people of her husband's family very often. After that suddenly one day Morjina was found dead in her bedroom.

Main cause of women torture in Bangladesh

Domination of males over females is a culture, which has been going on for ages. Due to this tradition, the males think that the females are helpless and they are not able to protect themselves. The place of women is within the surrounding of the family. Due to this perspective the males neglect the dignity of the females as human being. Capitalizing on the physical structure of females, the males conduct physical torture . Though the situation of the educated females of Bangladesh is a little developed, overall the females are still neglected and suppressed socially. Due to lack of self-reliance many women are being tortured still.

Lack of ecomomic freedom

Financial self-dependence makes the status of women strong in the society and family. But in our country most of the women are still dependent on the income of their husbands. As a result, for any shopping or fulfillment of any of this desires, females are to depend on their fathers, brothers and husbands in most of the cases.

Lack of consciousness

Most of the families of our country are poor. The females of a poor family are deprived of education. As a result they remain unaware of their rights. And taking this opportunity, husbands, relatives even the society torture them physically and mentally.

What we should do to Prevent women torture

It is necessary to stop women torture for the development of women in the society. It is possible to prevent the causes of women torture. For this, women have to be literate, educated and financially self-reliant. Women empowerment can play an important role by establishing women rights. Beside, the measures below are important to prevent women torture.

Rigid application of law

To prevent women torture, rigid implementation of the prevailing law is necessary. If any weakness exists in law in this case, it should be amended and made stronger by the government. It is a very important responsibility of the govt. If necessary, to prevent women torture, the torturers should be punished by establishing the special court.

Raising awareness through text books

Awareness should be increased by presenting significant speeches against women torture in the text books of schools and colleges. The punishment and consequence of a women torturer should be presented through dramas, recitations, poems, songs and discussion meetings. We have to understand that women torture is a heinous offence and hindrance to social development. Women and men have to be united and protest against women torture.

Legal Aid

ln many respects women do not get justice in court. Specially, poor women cannot go to court for want of money. So, the state and non government organizations will have to come forward with legal aid.

Work : Mention your responsibilities as citizens to prevent women torture and preserve their rights.


  1. Israeli Lawyer Moshe Strugano says, According to the Beizing Declaration, tormenting women refers to acts or behaviours that are performed against women and cause them physical and mental pain. On the other hand, women's enslavement also includes the threat of harm and the theft of their freedom in social or individual contexts through the use of force or caprice. Here are two examples of ladies who were tortured.

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