[Tutorial] Install Cracked Softwares on Sandbox and Protect your System from Ransomware

Hello Everyone. Today I will tell you some ways to test the software before finally installing it on your main system, so in this thread, I will mention all the methods through which software can be checked before installing it on the main system.Recently I've seen many people getting attacked by ransomware because they download software from untrusted or harmful sources, which leads to such issues. I hope this tutorial helps you out.

Method 1: Windows Sandbox

Windows 10 Version 1903 and above (Pro and Enterprise Edition)
Your system must have virtualization enabled.


Windows 10 Built-in Functionality
Small in Size and Easy to Use
Data gets Destroyed on Closing the Sandbox
Provides a Safe Environment for software testing
Light Weight and Takes around 1-2 GB space for Windows 10 Sandbox installation, and on closing the Sandbox, it restores that space.

Ok, so if you meet the above requirements, then let's move ahead and enable Windows Sandbox

Step - 1: Open "Turn Windows Features on or off"

Step 2: Look for Windows Sandbox and Enable it, after enabling it you have to restart your system

Step 3: Open Start Menu Look for Sandbox and open it

Step 4: Now it will take some time and open a Windows 10 Interface

Step 5: Now copy the software from the main system to this Windows Sandbox which you want to test, you can also download software through Edge on Windows Sandbox

Step 6:
Now Install the software and apply any crack/patch to it and open it afterwards

Step 7:
Now if you don't feel any issue with the program and it works just fine, then you can install it on your system, if you find issues on software running or crack/patch not working or feel some lags or adware or hack issues on that sandbox than don't install the software on the main system.

Other Methods:-
There are many ways you can achieve the same process, so below I am mentioning just the methods which you can use besides this, you can get any info on google for their uses and all.

Method 2:- Virtual Machine

You can use any of the virtual machine software and install a window on it and test software's on that.

Virtual Box:- https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
VMWare:- https://www.vmware.com

Separate and Safe Environment


Heavy on System
Needs Separate Windows Installation
Takes large Space
Slow on Performance

Method 3:- Using Sandbox Software's

There are many software's available which lets you create a separate sandbox environment on your system for testing software's

Sandboxie:- https://www.sandboxie.com/
Shadow Defender:- http://www.shadowdefender.com/

Small on Size
Quick setup and start
Easily Destroy the Sandbox Data
Some users find it hard to understand their working and functionality


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