What is a WhatsApp Business Account? Benefits and Uses

WhatsApp has a personal account as well as a business account. These allow businesses to use a variety of exclusive WhatsApp features. In this post you will learn more about what WhatsApp Business Account is, the benefits and features of WhatsApp Business Account.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app in the world. More than 2 billion WhatsApp users send more than 75 billion messages every day. And the business version of this huge messaging platform is WhatsApp Business.

WhatsApp Business is an OTT (over-the-top) chat app that combines customer messaging with personal messaging. More than 5 million business users use this messaging platform every day. OTP messaging apps are basically an alternative to text messaging services, which help customers and service providers communicate.

WhatsApp can be used to communicate on any device at low cost, making WhatsApp the ideal medium for use in business communication. WhatsApp can be quite an awesome addition as an omnichannel marketing strategy tool.

Advantages of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business is unique than other marketing communication channels. Let's find out in detail about the benefits of WhatsApp Business Account.

  • With the help of an app that customers are using every day, the opportunity to communicate is created for the benefit of WhatsApp business account. WhatsApp Business Account makes it easy to communicate with customers or inform them about campaigns.
  • WhatsApp Business Platform facilitates direct communication between brands and customers by eliminating confusing issues like customer service or support calls. Customers can find solutions to their problems or get answers to their questions through a simple WhatsApp chat, which helps to increase customer loyalty to a brand.
  • Business profiles can be created on the WhatsApp business platform to store important information such as a business's contact number, website, location, promotional details, etc. WhatsApp Business also sends pictures, videos and documents in messages.
  • WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging app in 100 countries around the world, making it easy for businesses to stay connected to a large audience using WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Business opens the door to personal communication with customers which makes it easier for both the customer and the brand to connect.
  • WhatsApp's strict policy on content quality and response time benefits both customers and brands.
  •  Thanks to the end-to-end encryption service available on WhatsApp, customers and brands can be safe to use this platform. WhatsApp also verifies business account registration, giving customers a clear idea of ​​your identity
What is a WhatsApp Business Account?  Learn its benefits and uses

WhatsApp Business Account Features

It is known why you will use WhatsApp Business Account. Let's find out now about the features of WhatsApp Business Account.

  • Business Profile: A business profile is listed as a "business account" where important information such as descriptions, addresses, emails, websites, trading hours are provided for the convenience of the customer.
  • Labels: Customers can create a label to sort the customer's list at their convenience and add customers to it, from which the desired customer can be found through filters.
  • Greeting Message: When a customer sends a message for the first time or after a certain number of days without any activity, an automatic greeting message can be set to connect with the customer.
  • Quick Reply: WhatsApp Quick Reply can be created, saved and reused to provide instant answers to common questions .
  • Automated Response: If not online, customers can be notified via WhatsApp Auto Reply .
  • Message Statistics: Using WhatsApp Business Platform you will get important data about the messages you send.

Use of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business accounts can be used in a variety of ways. Let's take a look at some common uses of WhatsApp Business.

  • Sending alerts and notifications: Using WhatsApp Business, it is possible to notify the customer directly about any problems or changes.
  • In-app booking and scheduling: Booking can be taken directly from WhatsApp.
  • Appointment reminder: Can be reminded of any appointment set by the customer.
  • Customer Service: Their problems can be solved directly by communicating with the customer in real-time.
  • Surveys and Feedback: Business feedback can be obtained from the customer.

To open a WhatsApp Business Account, download the WhatsApp Business App from the Play Store or Apple App Store . Then you have to open an account. The process is almost the same as opening a normal WhatsApp account. What is your opinion about WhatsApp Business Account? Let us know in the comments section.


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