Youtube Ads Free (Android OS TV/Car)

Youtube Ads Free (Android OS TV/Car)
Youtube Ads Free (Android OS TV/Car)

For a long time, I was searching for a method or app that could completely remove ads from the YouTube TV app. Those who use YouTube TV know that it's getting really irritating lately. YouTube is pushing at least 2 ads in every clip, either at the start or in between. I have been using the SmartTube APK for a couple of months, and I am confident that it's good and does what it's meant to do: give you an ad-free experience, similar to YouTube Vanced. That's why I'm sharing this tutorial with you guys.

First, download the APK from the official website ( There are two versions: one is stable and the other one is beta. I am using the beta.

Then, copy that APK to a USB drive. Mount or insert the USB drive to your TV or box. A pop-up should come up to let you choose "Open USB Attached Storage." Then, navigate to the APK and install it. If the pop-up does not come up, just install any file explorer from the Google Play Store, then open the USB storage via it and install the APK.

After installation, open SmartTube. You can link your own Google account ( if you want. If you do, SmartTube will be able to show you all the recommendations that you enjoy in the official YouTube app.

After signing in, just use it as you would with the official YouTube app. That's it! Now you have an ad-free YouTube experience.

Some things I noticed during using Smart YouTube are:

* History does not work, so you can't see what you have watched in the past. History is not working for me right now but might work for u.

* Ability to choose different video and audio formats/codecs.

* Skips sponsored sections by default, which can be disabled from settings.

* All other functions work as intended.

* It's not as snappy as the official YouTube app, but it does what it was meant to do flawlessly.

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