GPU Stress Test for a Used GPU

Today, we will discuss how to stress test a GPU before buying it. Nowadays, many people are selling used GPUs, claiming that the GPU was hardly used or not used at all, especially for 24/7 mining. To ensure that the GPU is working properly before purchasing a second-hand GPU, you can either ask the seller to perform a test or do it yourself.

First, you need to run a stress test on the GPU to verify that it is operating within the optimal range, using MSI Kombustor. MSI Kombustor is fast and provides important options, such as an artifact scanner with resolutions of 2160, 1440, or 1080. It also displays the GPU temperature and FPS during testing.

You can find MSI Kombustor at

MSI Kombustor
MSI Kombustor

Second, verify that the GPU VRAM has no errors by using GpuMemTest, a program that performs various tests on the VRAM to determine if there are any errors. If everything goes well, GpuMemTest will show all tests done with no errors. GpuMemTest is compatible with Nvidia OpenCL Cuda and AMD OpenCL AMD.


GpuMemTest AMD

Third, inspect the GPU physically for any damages or signs of wear and tear. You can also shake the GPU to see if something is loose inside it and making a sound. If it is, ask the seller about it.

The above testing only ensures that the GPU you're buying now is in working condition at the moment. The test will not tell you if the GPU has been opened previously or if the seller has replaced the GPU paste, VRAM thermal pads, or repaired the GPU itself. So, be wise and inspect everything thoroughly with a keen eye. Note that there are many software options available for GPU stress testing and VRAM testing. Choose any software that performs the same tasks.

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