Free Fire OB38 Advance Server: APK download, Activation Code, Registration

 The OB38 Update is just around the corner with the Advance Server beginning in a matter of hours. Meanwhile, leaks have already started coming out mentioning the upcoming items such as Evo guns, and characters that would make their way into the game. The excitement around the same is quite obvious as the community is nearing its release. Here’s all you need to know about the Free Fire OB38 Features.

Free Fire OB38 Advance Server: APK download, Activation Code, Registration


The introduction of the Free Fire OB38 Advance Server has reignited the community's enthusiasm, as they have finally caught a glimpse of various features that will likely be included in future updates. Amongst the new introductions are a mystery character, a new pet, and many other improvements to make the battle royale title more engaging.

Free Fire OB38 Update Features

Popular data miner, Knight Clown shared a post naming the new Evo guns that would arrive in the next update. The posts also revealed a new character called Scout as an addition to the OB38 version. As of now, two Evo gun skins have been confirmed by the data miner. They are  Evo Token Gargle (Thomson), and Evo Token Chrome Dreams(G18).

Free Fire OB38 Advance Server commenced on December 23, 2022, and will remain open for access until December 30, 2022. During this phase, you can download the APK from the official website and install it on your device to enjoy the game's new features.

Free Fire Advance Server Registration / Login Process 2023

First share our post link on facebook. Then, 

The Advance Server generally releases around two weeks before the update. 

Due to capacity constraints, not all players will be able to access this application. They will require an Activation Code that they can obtain by registering on the official website.

Registration is one of the most critical steps for the Advance Server. Only registered users have a chance to receive the Activation Code, which is necessary for accessing the client. Individuals may follow the steps provided below to register themselves after the commencement of this process:
  • To register, the player must sign in to Garena FF or Max Redemption’s official portal via Facebook or Gmail.
  • Firstly copy this link “” and paste it in your browser
  • Then FF Advance website will appear on your browser where you will find “Login with Facebook” button
Free Fire Advance Server Registration / Login Process

  • We recommended you to login with any “Indonesia Server” account via VPN because Garena is the first to send updates to Indonesia server users and they get 100% activation code and download link of Advance server. You can use any VPN on play store or google
  • After logging in with Facebook or Gmail you will be redirected to a new page where Garena Free Fire will ask you to enter some details (as mentioned below)
  • Person can enter any name or working email id where Garena can contact you with phone number where Garena can contact you. After filling all the details go with the option of “Join Now” button
FF Advance Server APK Download + Activation Key


FF Advance Server OB38 APK Download + Activation Key

After joining, the APK file will be downloaded on your browser. Click on the download link, and the file will get downloaded on your mobile. Download the APK file and install it on your mobile.

CODE 1: 01C5BU16HWO8Z1OD (New)



CODE 4: 01C5BU16HWO8Z1OD  (New)



Download OB39 APK File Here (Advanced Server APK)

Free Fire Advance Server APK Download & Activation Code

Garena FF OR FREE FIRE MAX will prompt you to Enter “Activation Code“, [without the activation code, players can’t activate the Fee Fire game]. Players can use the activation key that is provided here. Players can make use of the key provided by us to get access to the FF.
Note: Due to government-imposed restrictions on Free Fire, Indian players are advised not to download or play on the Advance Server. Instead, they may wait for the new features to be available in the MAX version with the upcoming update.


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