Application of Computer Science in Real Life

Application of Computer Science in Medical Field

Doubtless to say that computer science has penetrated into each and every aspect of our lives and, obviously, medical field is not secluded in this regard. Storage of huge amounts of data and expedient processing of information have made computers the warp and woof of the whole world.

Application of Computer Science in Medical Field

When it comes to medicine, a huge corpus of information is required to be kept. They are an important factor behind the successful functioning of not only large hospitals, but also small clinics.

Patient-related data, record-keeping, X-rays, report-production, operation, database, prescription are only some of the various arenas in this field which are directly related to computer science. In fact, most of the medical related equipments are, nowadays, have mini-computer programmes attached to them. The most recent implication of computer science can also be seen in the way the government has tried to create a Health ID for everyone to ensure that the history of hospital details of patients can be maintained. This is expected to make the whole procedure much easier for doctors and patients. It is also slated to help the government to reach the needy easily and on time. It has the potential to make the whole health program more robust. The thing to be noticed is that the whole programme is based on computer science. Had computer science not been there, no one would have been able to even think about all this.

Besides, the government schemes, campaigns, missions etc. related to health are all, completely, based on computer science. Thus, computer has, clearly, become sina qua non of medical field. Even the simplest task of any discipline (not only computer science) is closely related to computer science. Though computers are a boon for the medical field, everything comes with its own pros and cons. For instance, computers cannot make decisions like humans and are not sensitive like human brain. Data entry poses another spanner which can be a cumbersome task for medical professional. Another major obstacle is virus which has the potential to destroy program files, data files and efface all data from hard disc. Despite the availability of anti-virus softwares, viruses can’t be completely eliminated with the emergence of new viruses. Moreover, hacking is another obstacle to face which is a threat to privacy and can lead to loss of huge amounts of money in ransom.

Nevertheless, computers are very essential and there is an urgent need for ensuring computer awareness among medical professionals so that the benefits can trickle down to the grassroots levels. The current pace of their establishment doesn’t match up with the apparent need for clinical computing systems. Computers can store and retrieve large amount of data and perform complicated analysis in a very short period. Thus, the sooner the medical professionals get familiarized with computer science, the better it is.

Application of Computer Science in Military


Computer Science is omnipresent in today’s world. Each and every field has an element of computer science associated with it. Military cannot be an exception. Computer Science with its countless benefits is an integral part of the military system and both cannot be separated in today's world. 

We need to incorporate computer science in the various aspects of military in order to make the country a more secure place to live in. Computer science is, obviously, going to pervade the whole military structure in the near future and its role at present, is already substantially high since it provides a legion of benefits ranging from expeditious transfer of information and communication, besides timely decision making. And the matter of speedy procedure is imperative with regard to the security of a nation where we cannot afford to waste even a single second.

Keeping database for army personnels regarding their salary, wages, uniforms, food and for various other tasks, monitoring the borders with advanced facilities like satellites, developing state of the art weapons eg missiles using GPS system, on-field real-time information using drones, are all fundamentally based on the principles of the discipline of computer science. Moreover, one should not forget the importance of computers in military research with the latter forming a very important part of security.

Besides, rugged computers are, quite, pertinent in military field since they can be used in the harsh-usage environments like extreme temperatures, wet or dusty condition. Computers meant for military purpose have optimised sizeweight and power, therefore, making them more apt for military use. 

Another important factor is performance-per-watt of power and cooling. Computer-literate soldiers are must for military in order to avail all the benefits which accrue from using computer science. But, there are problems associated with it as well. The security of country can be at stake at times as hacking is still a grave and insidious problem to which solutions exist but their efficacy is questionable. Thus, there is a strong need to ensure that computer science is made more intricately connected to military but that should happen keeping in mind all the contingencies especially those related to information leak.

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