Two million applications to play the FIFA World Cup final again!

FIFA World Cup Final Update - Two million applications to play the World Cup final 2022 again!

Two million applications to play the World Cup final again!

France and Argentina played the final of the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar. Argentina won the title in a tiebreaker after a 2-2 draw in regulation time, one more goal in extra time. The match between the two teams is considered the best in World Cup history. 

But there is controversy about that thrilling final. The controversy that France fans are fueling. According to them, Argentina's first and last goals were 'immoral'. Di Maria saves the penalty with a dive. From which Argentina got the first goal they claim.  

After Lionel Messi scored from that penalty, he scored a goal with a soft right-footed shot in extra time. Lautaro Martinez was the first to take the shot that would have scored for Argentina. When he took that shot, the players on the bench of Argentina entered the field to cheer. They were also on the field when Messi sent the ball into the net with a shot. 

According to the rules, which is not a goal, the fans are claiming. That is why they have demanded the re-arrangement of the match to FIFA, the highest governing body of football. They have collected two thousand petitions with signatures to prove that their claim is valid. Several news media, including the Sports Bible, have reported the same. 

Argentina's players are celebrating in Buenos Aires after playing in the final. The fans of the country are full of joy. Neither the France Federation nor any major analyst claimed the two goals were unethical. It is certainly not unknown to France fans who have collected petitions that the final will not be staged again. Still, this petition may be to console themselves or to make Argentina's title win 'controversial'.

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