Female Infanticide : Murder of Unborn Girls

Female Infanticide : Murder of Unborn Girls

Are female fetus being deliberately eliminated? Are the technologies assisting in these eliminations? The answer to these questions is yes, to a large extent. India is a traditional country. It has inherited culture & customs from its ancestors which are very strong. One such strongest culture legacy is son's preference which  is prevalent among all communities & religious groups. Parents prefer to spend their resources on their sons rather than spending equally on their sons & daughters. So female neglection is seen widely in India that has resulted in elimination of female fetus. Social discrimination against women has sent them from womb to tomb.

The massive female abortion is linked with intensive crave for male child & curse of dowry. People consider a girl as "PRAYA DHAN" & adopt female INFANTICIDE through technologies like Ultrasonography, Foetoscopy etc. Parents are second God but today they have become killer of female babies, they think that a boy could be jewel of their family but it is just an old mythical story. A girl could also be a candle of her home.

According to 2001 census, the sex ratio of India was 927 females per 1000 males. But in the last decade it was 962 females per 1000 males. It was also surveyed that in 1987, 13000 sex determination tests were conducted in 7 clinics in Delhi. The Rapid declination in female population has adversely affected the social balance. It is not only the murder of girl child but also a great challenge to the unity & strength of our country.

The number of girls is continuously decreasing & if no initiative is taken then there may be a time when we will have no girl in India. Govt. has taken many steps to eradicate this deep rooted problem. Media also has recently taken up the  cause of female INFANTICIDE in the form of programmes such as Balika Vadhu, Na Aana is Desh Lado etc. The practice of killing. A girl child is a cruel & abominable act that must be stopped. The only way for that is to aware & make people realize the consequences of not saving their daughters. Otherwise women population will reach at the edge of extinction & Government will have to launch project Girl.

"People pray for a boy, not for a girl,

They desire a boy, not a girl,

Blessings of elders are for male, not for female,

They have to have a boy, not a girl,


In need of wealth

They pray to Goddess Lakshmi,

In need of courage

They pray to Goddess Durga,

In need of education

They pray to Goddess Sarswati,

Now tell me?

Why do they hesitate to have a Devi in their family".....................

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