Can Earth Atmosphere suffer the same fate as Venus?

Can Earth Atmosphere suffer the same fate as Venus?

In this article we will discuss the fact that Scientists believe that billions of years ago the planet Venus had a cooler atmosphere that could sustain life but now it is so hot that the surface temperature would even melt lead. What climate phenomena could have caused such drastic change in Venus's atmosphere? What can be done to ensure that Earth doesn't suffer the same fate?

The planet with atmosphere that is sustainable and suitable for the existence of life can be called as Goldilock planet.

Venus being the second planet might has cooler temperature and atmosphere with gases that support life . This made scientists believe that Venus can support life.

The present atmosphere of Venus posses a temperature of 462°C, with no water vapour and Carbon dioxide which is 90 times more than that of carbon dioxide in earth's atmosphere.

From this we can understand that the climate phenomenon that changed the Venus atmosphere is Green house effect. As the planet is nearer to the sun, the water from the ocean evaporated as water vapour molecules are broken down by ultraviolet rays of sun leading to escape of hydrogen ions. This resulted in no water on Venus and building up of Carbon dioxide which is called as green house effect.

Earth also facing the same phenomenon of green house effect due to increased Carbon dioxide in atmosphere.

To prevent this , it is very important to improve the conditions on earth bby reducing the amount of green house gases like methane , carbon dioxide, water vapour etc.

These gases absorb the radiation from sun and increasing the temperature of Earth that result in global warming.

The main reasons for the increase in green house gases are deforestation, increasing population and burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, natural gases.

So to ensure that earth would not face the same condition like Venus today, we must encourage Afforestation, conservation of fossil fuels etc . Conduct campaigns to bring awareness about planting trees and their influence on future healthy atmosphere. Conservation of fossil fuels can be achieved by using public transport instead of using vehicles for every small need, habituating carpool while going to work places etc.

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