How to change sleep cycle Permanently?

A Stress hormone called "cortisol" that keeps our brain active as well as increased blood pressure and breathing. A Sleep Hormone that gets activated at night called melatonin (Requires darkness to activate). Those 2 things are opposite to each other. There's a regulation cycle. Our Lifestyle is responsible for imbalance of the cycle


What to do:
1. It takes 10-15 minutes workout. it has to be intense and stressful to shock your nervous system (this restore balance of the hormones)
2. You can take a cold shower before bed
3. Don't oversleep. That's one the reason for sleeplessness
4. Reading boring books is also effective

What not to do:
1. Avoid blue-light from phone or laptop at night, better to keep that away
2. If you have overthinking problem at night before sleep like me, just don't overthink (that's not you do, that's the thing Cortisol doing to you.. your stress hormone). Capture your thought what's running inside your head, tell yourself you've full day to overthink, not this night.
3. Don't ever force yourself to sleep. Be calm and let it fall through you

Do 1 minute each and take rest for 20-30 seconds.. you can listen to songs while exercising

I have two more methods. But trust me I wouldn't recommend these as they are extremely unhealthy. But it gives you quick results. 

Method 1: The one that works the most for balancing your sleep cycle(extremely unhealthy one):

Try to sleep later than usual. For example, if you sleep at 3 am regularly change that to 5 am for the first day, next day go for 7 am and this cycle will eventually lead you in 10pm/11pm at some point. This is an extremely unhealthy practice because you'll have to go through constant sleep deprivation in those few days. And your body will most likely take 2 to 3 days to recover after you start sleeping in your desire time. Not recommended.

Method 2: 

1. Exhaust yourself throughout the day (both physically and mentally)
2. Reduce screen time
3. Go out, get under sunlight even if it is for 10 mins everyday
4. 1 hour prior to sleep go read some books or walk (no screen time 2 hours prior to sleep)
5. Try to sleep in your desired time
6. If you feel like you're on the bed but can't fell asleep for more than 20 mins get up and read some books for 10 mins or simply walk

It's actually quite hard to maintain this since you'd have to reduce screen time and be on time everyday when it comes to sleeping. So I think this is less sustainable. It is quite impossible to change your sleep cycle permanently for good. So I think it's better to accept the way you sleep right now and try to utilize whatever you do best in your current sleep schedule. It's not like you'll feel your best everyday anyway. So try to have a open mind towards it and try not to think of it as a problem.

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