Generate a Secure Password and Stay Secured in the Web

Generate a Secure Password and Stay Secured in the Web

Why do we lock the door when all the family members go on an outing? We do it for the security of the house. Think a bit about the lock. Anybody can not open the lock by using any key because different locks have keys. A lock can not be opened with a different key. Thus, we ensure safety of our home and other valuable things with lock and key. Now, we see a kind of lock with digits. The lock is opened by matching the digits. The digits work as the key. But, in an age of digital technology, we have to think over the security of many other things. Perhaps you have understood what we are talking of. You have rightly guessed. We are talking of the security of our data and information. In an age of ICT, we have to use lock for the security of our important data, information and the security of software. The name of this lock is password.

Perhaps you have already learnt to create password and use it. ICT is being used everywhere now. Our country is not an exception. As its use has been extended, the question of security becomes important. All of our personal information such as bank account, income tax, job, etc. have come under the digital system. Besides, our ICT devices such as computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone are being operated with software. When we use the Internet, we can communicate with the computer or ICT devices of the remote parts of the world. Similarly, anyone can communicate and share information with us from anywhere. In this way, our personal information can be transformed to others or our ICT device may become susceptible to hacking or computer security vulnerabilities. We can ensure security to prevent this situation. There is no alternative to secure our information and protect the software of our device. If it is protected with password, nobody can steal our information or damage our device. But, we should remember one thing that if anybody can steal our password, he can steal our information too. Even, he can destroy it. It is like opening the lock by using duplicate key. Therefore, we should be skilled in creating password. We should not create any password that can easily be guessed by others or we ourselves may forget.

As most of the users create passwords like 123456 or 654321 or abcdef, it becomes easy to steal this type of password. Considering the significance of data or information, it is important to create a unique password.

The security along with secrecy of Password ensures the security of data and information saved in a server, computer or ICT device.

If your password is not unique:

1. Virus may attack easily;

2. The hackers may take the opportunity of hacking the computer; so your money deposited to your account may be transferred elsewhere and your important information may be stolen by others;

3. Information saved in the ICT device may be destroyed for your weak password;

How can you create a unique password? It's a creative work. Your creativity can ensure the security and secrecy of your data and software. If some processes are followed, we can easily do the job.


We should be careful of the following factors while creating a unique password:

• Your name, names of your family members or any personal information should not directly be used though it helps us to remember the password;

• Combination of digits, signs and capital and small letters will strengthen the password. It becomes difficult for others to guess anything about it;

• Password should be long;

• You should not write the password or part of it either in the computer or diary in order or remember it;

• Use a symbol of your own choice to remember the password; It can be your favourite poem, short story, writer, scientific invention, or any historic event.

If creativity is added to this, the password may be unique. Our password could be as follows:

• MoriTeChaHina _ AmiSunDarVhubanE (Rabindranath Tagore)

• AmAr _ AchE wateR (Humayun Ahmed)

• 2BornoT2B_tHatisThe? (To be or not to be, that is the question- From Shakespeare)

• 4Score&7yrsAGO (Four score and seven years ago- From the Gettysburg Address)

Changing password is an important task because a regular change of the password ensures the confidentiality of the information stored on the device and safety and security of the ICT device itself. However, password should be something that can be remembered.

Work:  Create a password and present.


Stay Secured in the Web

Explain the difference between general and social sites ;

The use of information and communication technology in our daily life is gradually increasing. The use of the Internet and online is increasing along with mobile phone and computer. When a computer or mobile device (phone, pad, tab, etc.) stays connected to online, it falls in security risks. The risk factors can be reduced being alert and taking special measures.

An Internet user surfs the website for many reasons. The process of maintaining the security on the web is discussed below:

A. General site: Many users take the general and cost-free services of yahoo, hotmail, and gmail. The possibility of hacking in every site can not be ignored. If our account is hacked, many of our necessary mail will be lost. Again, the act of cheating or work like this can be operated by using the account, but the liability will be on the account holder.

The precautions given below should be followed:

• An easy password should not be used. Many users use their own names and the easy orders of the keyboard (such as qwerty or asdfg or 123456789) as the password of their email account. It is very unwise as everyone knows that for email, the account is the user's or account holder's name. That is why anybody can hack your account just giving it a few try. So a complicated order or combination for a password such as letters, digits, and signs(!@#, etc.) should be used.

• Password should be changed on a regular basis;

• Use 2-steps verification where there is a scope. For example, the security of your gmail account can be strengthened by your mobile phone. The 2-step verifiaction option of gmail can be used:

► Point to the account setting from the profile;

► Get 2-step verification. Click the edit option;

► Type the number of your mobile phone and click the 'send' button.

► A security code will be sent from gmail to your mobile phone. Click 'Verify' option typing the verification code;

► Tum on 2-step verification;

Now, if anybody seeks unauthorized access to your account, he requires the mobile code, but even after knowing the code, he will fail to access the account as the code can be used just once. So, your account will be secured. Similar security measures can be adopted in yahoo! mail in the same way.

• If you send any email from a cyber cafe or the computer constantly used by numerous people, log out the account after using it.

Besides, if you follow some additional security measures, you will remain safe. In some websites, different kinds of programmes are kept installed. If cookie is activated on the web browser, the information stored in the computers and browsers of the users of these pieces of software will be sent to other destination. So, it is necessary to be alert while using the website. Some websites seek different personal information from the users. You should not provide them with the information if there is no particular cause.

B. Social Site: Nowadays, many users keep their personal information on social networking site. They share photographs too. So if the password of facebook account is stolen, the security of personal information can be interrupted, and the female should be more careful. The security measures suggested for the email site should be adopted for these sites too. The following precautions should be taken for using the social networking sites:

Have information before developing friendship with someone. Don't be a friend of anybody who does not deserve it;

If you make virtual friendship with people abroad, be absolutely sure about their identity. Check their profile and friend list to identify common friends and acquaintances;

Don't share any personal photograph on facebook;

Log off everytime after using facebook or email;

Sign out after browsing the Internet in school or cyber cafe;

Be cautious about using the laptop or computer of your friend or acquaintance;

Don't click on any face book application sent by a stranger if you are not absolutely sure of about its reliability;

C. Age Compatible Site: There are some websites only for the adults. These sites are not suitable for you. This kind of website may put the safety and security of your ICT device at risk and hinder the normal operation of your ICT device. In order to protect the device, you must restrain yourself from clicking on any suspicious photos, links, or advertisements on the website. You should give an effort in developing your knowledge and skills in ICT as well as your moral character.


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