Why to study in Australia?

 Higher Studies in Australia from Bangladesh perspective. 

After finishing school and college, many decided to study abroad. A well-known name in that overseas list is Australia.

From Wi-Fi or Google Maps, to black box flight recorders, to electric pacemakers, to refrigeration, the inevitable aspects of daily life have all started in Australia.

There are 15 Nobel laureate scholars in this country of Kangaroo. Of these, 6 have received Nobel Prizes in Medicine, 2 in Physics, 2 in Literature, 1 in Chemistry, 1 in Economics and 1 in Peace. It can be said that they have made inevitable contributions in almost all aspects of the continuous development of human civilization.The standard of living or the standard of education - whatever it is - Australia must be in the top ten in the world.

If you plan to study abroad, you too can add Australia to your list.

"Why study in Australia?"

If you have such a question in your head, you can read the article.

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Australia is one of the best education systems in the world

Australia's education system is considered one of the best in the world. QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) is one of the world's leading higher education marketing companies. Among the top 50 universities in their rankings are:
  • Australian National University
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of New South Wales
  • The University of Queensland
  • And The University of Sydney.
Five of the top 50 are all Australian. The most striking thing is that Australia's grading system holes are completely different. If you get "D" in the test, you will be upset. This is very normal. But Australian students are happy to get "D". See the reason in the picture below.
Achieving "HD" is a difficult task in Australia. That's why the students get the festive mood as soon as they get "D"!

Australia ranks 3rd globally in terms of number of international or foreign students

Australia ranks 7th in the university system rankings. Melbourne has long been in the top five for student accommodation.

Behind it all is the Australian Education Quality Control and Monitoring Agency called Hole.

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). Its main function is to monitor the quality of education in the universities and take action accordingly. The agency is equally aware of all the opportunities available to foreign students. The agency is one of the reasons why the Australian education system is so "up to date".

It is logical that such an education system is in the top ten in the world.

The standard of living is very first class

Norway is the number one country in the world in terms of quality of life. And after that is Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane - beautiful cities like this one have made it to the top 30 cities as ideal places for students to live. The standard of living, comparatively affordable expenses, adequate employment and the disadvantages of student benefits are considered in this list.

The incentives that the Australian government is offering to foreign students seem tempting to me. If you don't believe, you see-
  • A total of 200 million in scholarships for foreign students.
  • There are job visas for careers in different fields.
  • Lots of research facilities
  • Opportunity to be a Permanent Resident in Australia after graduation!

Exemption from the challenge of learning a new language

: The official language of Australia is English. So there is no challenge to learn a new language. On the contrary, every inch of Australia has the opportunity to weld as much English as you know!


Multicultural Australia:

There are at least 260 native languages ​​in Australia. Surprisingly, about 46 per cent of Australians do not have one or both of their parents as Australians. The cultural diversity of Australia can be gauged from this information!

You can call Australians (like your boss) by name. None of them

No objection. If they do not know your name, you will be referred to as "mate". All the subtleties of Australian culture multiply its acceptability. In fact, about 30 per cent of friendly Australians are immigrants. So Australian culture can be called multicultural. From Great Britain in Europe, Germany, Italy, Croatia to many more countries in Asia, including China, India or the Philippines, you will find people in the desert on their way to Australia. There are also Australian Native Aboriginals. Their extraordinary features will give you an idea of ​​the evolution of Australia.

Strange as it may sound, Australia is a haven for crocodiles, kangaroos and emus. In fact, according to nutritionists, the meat is much less fat and much more nutritious!
Photo Source:  Anthropology.net (Aboriginals)

Student visa can be easily matched

Under the Overseas Student Program, student visas will be available in Australia without any hassle. But to get a student visa, you have to meet certain conditions. For example: Confirmation of joining a university in Australia, a certain amount of bank balance, English proficiency certificate and health or other insurance.

There is nothing to panic about. There are many experienced people to complete the whole process. With their help, you can easily get a student visa in Australia by completing the whole process.

Part time job opportunities

If you get an Australian student visa, you will get a 20-hour work permit every week. And if you have a student visa, you will be able to work full time during the semester break. By following the link below you will get a detailed idea about the part time jobs starting from Australian jobs.

Link: https://www.seek.com.au

As a part-time job, you may have the opportunity to work for an agency or company related to your studies. As well as studying, such an experience will put you far ahead in the race of career.

Opportunity to work even after graduation

If you still want to work in Australia after finishing your studies, you will need to apply for a temporary graduate visa. With this visa you will be able to work in Australia for an additional 6 months effortlessly after graduation. Compared to other countries, Australia is quite patient in this case!

The enormity of natural diversity

You will find in Australia some of nature's most amazing creations, such as The Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island, Kakadu National Park, about 10,000 beaches, Opera House, Sydney Harbor and Gordon River. In the mountains of southeastern Australia you can go skiing or gather in the jungle for adventure. If you enjoy surfing, then Australia is perfect for you. Surfing is a very popular pastime in Australia. Going to Australia to study can be a golden opportunity to get lost in the midst of all these eye-catching elements of nature.

Follow this link to get more ideas about Australia's natural diversity.

GIF: Gfycat
GIF: Azula (great Barrier Reef)

Global Recognition:

The most striking aspect of Australia's education system is its remarkable ability to adapt to ever-changing technology. And for this reason, the Australian degree is much appreciated around the world. As a result, you don't have to worry too much about building a career after graduation.

Lots of research opportunities

Australian universities are constantly doing a lot of research in the fields of humanities, arts or science and commerce. Through this research, the whole world has got a clear idea about the use of penicillin. Thanks to the research of Australian scientist John Sullivan, we are now able to use scientific things like Wi-Fi in our daily lives. Towards research

If you are interested, Australia will not disappoint you at all, but if your academic performance seems reliable to them, you will also be given the opportunity to do research.

Needless to say, thanks to Australia, you too can become an inventor like John Sullivan!

In Australia you will be able to study almost all types of subjects including Medicine, Agriculture, Aeronautics, Mathematics, Engineering. Australia is well ahead of other countries in this regard.

There are about 22,000 courses in about 1,100 educational institutions in Australia. About 2.5 million Australian graduates are constantly contributing to different sectors of the world. And around 1 billion people rely on all the research discoveries in Australia every day.

I hope you have found the answer to your question.

Now think a little and make a decision on whether Australia is your next destination.

But no matter where you go to study, make sure that the study is done properly!
Photo: goglobalway.com
References: https://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au


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