How to remove telegram account limitation?

It is often seen that our account in Telegram becomes limited till a certain date. As a result, we are not able to message any public group or person who is not on the contact list. But there is a solution. You can be released from your limitations.

NB: You can remove the limitation only if Telegram mistakenly limits your account. This method will not work if you text someone nonsense and that person reports against you.


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1. Search by typing @SpamBot in Telegram first. Then press the Start button.



2. Now you can see how long your account has been limited. Then you will click on the square button below.



3. Then click on the place shown in the screenshot.



4. Then click Yes and click on the place shown in the screenshot.



5. After that you will write that your account has been limited by mistake. You have not sent any Inappropriate message to anyone. And to release you quickly.

Now the telegram team will see if there is a mistake in your account. Or whether their account has been limited to a bug in their system. If they do not find any reason to limit your account, they will release you very soon.


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