Ways to drive more visitors and traffic to your blog

The visitors are the heartbeat of a website / blog. There is no point in blogging if visitors do not come to your blog. While blogging may seem easy, blogging is not an easy task. Blogging doesn't end with just writing and publishing articles. You also have to work to increase the traffic to the blog. It takes a lot of time and effort to increase the number of visitors to a website. If you have the mindset and time to work but do not know the strategies to increase the visitors to the blog, then today's post will help you a lot. In today's post I have discussed in detail the ways to increase the visitors to the blog.

Before we get into the details of how to increase the traffic to a blog, let's take a look at the reasons why, despite working hard, the website does not get enough visits.

  • If your topic is very competitive.
  • Not using the correct keywords.
  • If your blog is too short.
  • If the readability of the blog is difficult.

10 effective ways to increase website traffic

  • Google SEO
  • Publish more and more articles
  • Use interesting titles in posts
  • Email Marketing
  • Share social media
  • Create backlinks
  • Share posts on quora sites
  • Optimize blog images
  • Update your blog regularly
  • Post as guest on other people's websites

Google SEO

First of all Google SEO is the only way to get organic traffic to the blog. Whenever you write a post on a blog, do keyword research on the topic. And use the right keywords for your topic as well as create some backlinks. This will increase your ranking in Google and as a result the traffic in the blog will also increase. And if you use an image in a blog, use the keyword in the image alt text. Whenever I write a post for a blog, always keep in mind the Google SEO techniques.

Publish more and more articles

The more articles you publish on your blog, the more visitors your website will receive. The more content you publish on your website and the more visitors you get, the more Google will value your blog. So if you want to increase the importance of your website in search engines, publish at least 2 articles a week.

Use interesting titles in posts

The importance of the title of the post is immense for increasing the Google search engine ranking and the visitors to the web site. Even if your blog is ranked in search engines, it may not get enough visitors. Because, depending on the title of the post, what the visitor will click or not. This will lower the CTR of your website and at some point your blog search engine ranking will go down a lot. So use an interesting title for your article and of course be SEO friendly. That is, add your targeted keywords to the title.

Email Marketing

Many bloggers generate thousands of visitors to their blogs through email marketing. Inform your followers or subscribers via email as soon as you publish a new post on the blog. This will increase the number of visitors to your blog as well as create a bond with your visitors.

Share social media

A social media account is essential for a blogger. After all, the main source of traffic for most bloggers, especially news blogs, is social media. So create an account on social media for your blog and share your blog posts on social media regularly. This will increase the traffic to your web site and also create a backlink for your website.

Create backlinks

Create some quality backlinks for your blog. Backlinks reveal the popularity and loyalty of your site to Google. And Google also attaches great importance to quality backlinks. This will increase your site's ranking in search engines and will also increase the traffic to the web site. There are also many other benefits of backlinks such as: 
  • Your site's domain authority will increase.
  • Organic ranking will increase in search engines.
  • Indexing will boost.
  • Visitors will also come to your site from the site you will backlink.

Share posts on Quora sites

Quora is a platform where people ask questions about their problems and seek solutions. Quora is a medium from which you can bring a lot of visitors to your web site. Find the questions according to your topic on the Quora site and if that question or problem is in your blog then mention the link of your blog in the answer. This will increase the visitors to your website as well as create a backlink.

Optimize blog images

If you use an image on your blog, make sure the image is accurate and well-optimized. For example, using keywords in image alt tags, maintaining the correct image size and format. This is because the loading speed of your website is good with the right image size and format and image alt tags are important enough for SEO.

Update your blog regularly

Usually many bloggers make this mistake. And they lose a lot of visitors every day because the content is not updated regularly. So update your web site content regularly. If your content is up to date and quality is good then traffic to your website will also increase.

Post guests on other people's websites

There are many websites that offer guest posting on their site for free or on a paid basis. With guest posting you can bring traffic from those sites to your web site as well as create some quality backlinks.

Hopefully, I have come up with some ideas on how to increase the number of visitors to a web site and how to retain old visitors to the website. 

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