Study of Double Sideband Amplitude Modulation Generator

Experiment Name: Study of Double Sideband Amplitude Modulation Generator.


Required Apparatus:

        Module ACL [Function generator (1-10KHz/0.1-1KHz); VCD (500KHz-1500KHz); Balanced Modulator]

        Power Supply

        20MHz Oscilloscope



Block Diagram:


Figure: Amplitude Modulator


Input/Output Waveshape:


Figure 01: Wave form of Over modulation

Figure 02: Wave form of Under modulation

Figure 03: Wave form of Flat modulation

Figure 04: Message signal form

Figure 05: Carrier signal wave form



From this experiment, we learned three types of modulation; Under modulation, Over modulation and Flat modulation. We also saw that if we increase the amplitude of message signal then the amplitude of modulated signal also increases and if we increase the carrier signal then the amplitude of modulated signal decreases.



We were concerned if there were any loose connection while doing the experiment.Because we may get bad wave shape because of it. We checked the connection and made sure they are properly connected and the wave shape was satisfactory

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