Why to do Midship Section Drawing of a Ship?

The longitudinal strength of hull girder depends on the section modulus of the midship section. This in turn depends on the scantlings and layout of the structural members in the midship region. The midship region extends one forth length of the ship forward and aft of midship. Over this midship region the scantlings of the structural members are kept the same.
Maximum longitudinal bending moment is experienced by a hull girder within this midship zone. Therefore, midship section plays an important role from longitudinal strength point of view, at the same time it depicts the structural layout depending on the type of cargo the ship is going to carry. Thus, different types of ships have different midship sections. The structural arrangement and their scantlings are shown in these plans. These are statutory structural plans which are to be approved by the concerned classification society prior to actual construction of ship.

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