Short Note on Ship Scantlings and Framing Systems


Scantling is a measurement of prescribed size, dimensions, or cross-sectional areas. In shipbuilding, the scantling refers to the collective dimensions of the framing (apart from the keel) to which planks or plates are attached to form the hull. The word is most often used in the plural to describe how much structural strength in the form of girders, I-beams, etc. is in a given section.

Framing Systems:

There are three types of framing systems that are considered in ship building.
o   Transverse framing system
o   Longitudinal framing system
o   Combined framing system
We adopt longitudinal framing in the bottom and deck and transverse framing system in the side shells. So, we adopt combined framing system.
Here for the purpose of better safety we have used double hull construction. 
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