Is it possible to bring Titanic to the surface?

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First thing first I've been researching on this ship since 2009.
Is it possible to bring it to the surface?

Technically yes but in reality no.
Technically yes cause we could use small subs to place holder for cables or bring it up by pieces. But not together at once.
The structure of the ship RMS Titanic is not strong as it used to be when it was found in 1984. The water pressure down there is extremely high. The ship is 3 to 4X more heavy because of rust and dust. Oceanic bacterias ate a lot of material from it's structure for these 112 years. Trying to bring the ship to the surface would take a lot of effort to pull it out from the ocean bottom ground. Bow of the ship is largely buried hard on it. I'm talking about the front side.
Overall structure may collapse. 
So it can be brought up to the surface but not in one single piece. Still that would be expensive. No reality no. Not possible.

From a post by: 
Researcher on RMS Titanic Aftermath,
Olympic Class Ships.

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