Free Key for Cloudflare WARP + 23 PetaByte Bandwidth Method

Cloudflare WARP is technically a VPN, but it is not precisely like any commercial VPN service. So, what is unique about it? How does it work? Should you use it over your traditional VPN app?

Free Key for Cloudflare WARP + 23 PB Bandwidth Method

What is it?

WARP is a VPN that helps you connect to the internet utilizing Cloudflare’s DNS while simultaneously optimizing and securing (i.e. encrypting) your connection. is one of the fastest and most secure DNS options.

You can use a single app to equip your connection with both WARP and DNS. So you get the best of both worlds with quick access.

Unlike traditional VPN services, Cloudflare uses its massive network of servers across the globe to give you the fastest experience possible, even if your connection is slow. Usually, your connection speed takes a hit when you use a VPN; it is the opposite with Cloudflare WARP.

Cloudflare’s technology ensures that your connection is reliable and stable. It started as an initiative to fix internet performance and security for mobiles, so, compared to a commercial VPN service, it would drain less of your battery and ensure you get faster network response time.

Cloudflare WARP + 23 PB Bandwidth Method

1. Open Telegram
2. Start @FayeDark_bot
3. Send /keywarp command & wait few seconds
4. Copy The Key

For Mobile:

5. Open App
6. Click on Three Lines (Upper Right Corner)
7. Account -> Key -> Change Key -> Paste the Key -> Save
8. Restart App

For PC:

5. Download from here, Install & Open
6. Settings -> Account -> Use Different Key -> Paste The Key -> OK
7. Restart App
Note: Each telegram user can have 2 keys
If you didn't receive any key from the bot (step4) then try again after some time.



  1. On PC it doesnt work, still says WARP

    1. What doesn't work? The key? Did you get the key?

  2. This is not WARP plus key, this is just a regular key

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