Saudi Arabia is changing the marriage law for Ronaldo-Georgina?


Saudi Arabia is changing the marriage law for Ronaldo-Georgina? #CR7

After Cristiano Ronaldo set foot in Saudi Arabia, a news spread in the media around the world - the Portuguese star and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez broke a law in Saudi Arabia. Both are under one roof but not yet married. And according to the rules of Saudi Arabia, no man and woman can live in the same house without marriage.

But what is the way in the case of Ronaldo and Georgina! From Spain to Italy, from there to England - they have been together ever since. Both have children. Will they stay in two countries to play in Saudi Arabia's Club Al Nasr?

So the question of what will happen to the offspring is flying around the football world. 

Finally the news has come, Ronaldo and Georgina can live together in Saudi Arabia without getting married. Spain's news agency EFE reports that the country's lawmakers will pretend not to see the issue.

The Spanish news agency spoke to two lawyers from Saudi Arabia about this. One thing is clear from their speeches - the country's administration is making some changes in marriage laws for the benefit of Ronaldo and Georgina.

A lawyer told EFE it does not appear that any action will be taken against Ronaldo and Georgina. He then added, 'Though our law prohibits men and women from living together without marriage, the authorities will now try to avoid such a thing. But yes, the law will be enforced only when there is a crime or problem.'

Another lawyer sees the matter differently, 'Saudi Arabian authorities no longer interfere with foreigners. However, the ban on men and women being together if they are not married is still in force.'

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