How to Purchase Rapid Pass in Bangladesh

How to Purchase Rapid Pass - Bangladesh

The Rapid Pass is a smart card automated fare collection system used on participating public transit systems in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Rapid Pass card readers were implemented on a trial basis in 2017.


How to Purchase Rapid Pass in Bangladesh?

Purchase of Rapid Pass can be done from the following branches/sub-branches of Dutch-Bangla Bank- 

1. Uttara Sonargaon Township Branch 

2. Uttara branch

3. Rabindra Sarani Branch 

4. Pallavi branch 

5. Mirpur branch 

6. Mirpur Circle-10 Branch 

7. Ibrahimpur branch 

8. Sheorapara branch 

9. Corporate Branch, Motijheel 

10. Indira Road Branch 

11. Khalpar Sub-Branch, Uttara 

12. Taltala Sub-Branch, Kafrul 

*Furthermore, the card can be recharged from Ticket Office Machine, Ticket Vending Machine of Metrorail.

1. The initial price of Rapid Pass is Tk 400/- out of which Tk 200/- is the initial recharge and the remaining Tk 200/- is the card deposit value.

2. A card user can recharge a minimum of Tk.100/- and a maximum of Tk.1,000/-, but the card balance cannot exceed Tk.10,000/-.

3. Even if the card has insufficient balance, the card user can use the card once per recharge. However, that amount will be adjusted automatically in the next recharge. 

Rapid Pass Registration Procedure: 

 1. Card user has to submit application in prescribed form for card registration. In this case, the completed application form should be submitted from the place where the card was purchased. It will take a minimum of two working days to complete the registration process. No claim for refund and re-issue will be entertained before the registration process is completed. 

 2. Rapid Pass card registration is not recommended but only registered card users will enjoy the following benefits: 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Get Refund for Rapid Pass?

Refund: If a registered user decides to return the card, the operator will refund the card value (deposit and recharge) on the same day after deducting the refund fee of Tk.10/- subject to verification of authenticity.

2. How to Reissue a Damaged Rapid Pass?

Reissue of 'Damaged' Card: The user can return the damaged card to the operator and get a new card subject to a reissue fee of Tk.200/-. In that case, the operator will take necessary steps and transfer the previous balance to the newly issued card. 

3. What are the ways of Redemption of Lost Rapid Pass Card?

Redemption of Lost Card: User shall pay deposit fee of Tk.200/- and reissue fee of Tk.200/- for new card. The operator will transfer the previous balance to the newly issued card by taking necessary steps.

4. Can I get refund if my lost card  is found if I have already issued a new card?

Return of lost card: User shall refund the deposit amount to the operator if the lost card is returned. The operator will deactivate the card after deducting the refund fee of Tk. 

One working day will be required to carry out the process described in '2' and '3'. The operator will then issue a voucher containing the commemorative number to the user and the user will receive the new card by presenting the voucher on the next working day.

How to Recharge Rapid Pass Online? 

Recharge and validity of card: Life time of card (New card will be available in case of broken/lost registered card. Recharge amount of previous card will be added to the new card.

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