Yoga - The answer to a healthy mind and body

Yoga is a philosophical system of exercise and meditation originating in what is now India 2000-4000 years ago which focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. It is an art and science of healthy living. The ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’, meaning to ’join’ or to ' yoke’ or to ‘unite’. Yoga main principles include a connection with nature and body- mind balance, which can be found by means of regular yoga practices. Since people remain an essential part of the environment, becoming closer to nature is a real advantage for every person. When we can deal with a nature gaining new knowledge and possibilities once making no harm to nature, we always gain benefits and become better person. 


Yoga - The answer to a healthy mind and body

There are six branches of yoga are:
• Hatha Yoga
• Raja Yoga
• Karma Yoga
• Bhakti Yoga
• Jnana Yoga
• Tantra Yoga

The purpose of this theme, i.e.; “ The answer to a healthy mind and body” is to examine the benefits of yoga and meditation on the physical and mental health. If we do yoga Always then we can improve our physical health, mental health and social health.

Physical Health

The health of the body is of fundamental importance in life. An even greater factor in the maintenance of good health is the food we eat. What we eat influences both our body and psyche- our habit and qualities. Food is the source of our physical energy and vitality. Balanced and healthy food include: grains, vegetables, pulses, fruit, nuts, milk and milk products, as well as honey, sprouts, salads, seeds, herbs and spices – either raw or freshly cooked. Foods to be avoided are old, reheated or denatured foods, meat( including all meat products and fish) and egg. It is also best to avoid alcohol, nicotine and drugs as these rapidly destroy our health.

Mental Health

In general, we are led through life by the mind and sense, rather than having these under our control. However to gain control of mind, we must first place it under inner analysis and purify it. Negative thoughts and fears create and imbalance in our nerves system and through this our physical function. This is the cause of many illness and sorrows. Clarity of thought, inner freedom, contentment and a healthy self confidence are the basis for mental well-being. For good mental health we should do step by step meditation technique of self analysis.

Social Health

Social health is the ability to be happy within oneself and to be able to make others happy. It means to nurture genuine contact and communication with other people, to assume responsibility within society and to work for the community. Social health is also the ability to relax and experience life in all its beauty.

One of the growing problems of our times is drug addiction. It is clear sign of social illness. The system of ‘Yoga’ can assist in overcoming this illness and grant people a new, positive aim and purpose in life. One of the growing problems in our time is drug addiction. It is a clear sign of social illness. The system of “ Yoga in daily life” can assist in overcoming this illness and grant people a new, positive aim and purpose in life. The importance of keeping good, positive company has a great influence upon our psyche, as such companionship moulds and forms personality and character. Positive company is of great importance in spiritual development. Living “Yoga in daily life” means to work ourselves and for the benefit of others. 

To do valuable and constructive work for our neighbors and the community, to preserve nature and the environment and work for peace in the world. To practice Yoga means to be active in the most positive sense and to work for the welfare of all of mankind.

Health benefits of Yoga

The relative health benefits of yoga in relation to disease risk and it’s role in the management of chronic disease. Yoga increase our flexibility. Yoga postures and Sequences help to increase the body’s range of motion. Yoga help us to build strength, it helps to muscles that support the body’s weight, leading to functional strength. Yoga also help to keep our joints healthy. It will strengthen the muscles around the joints, helping to stabilize them. It lowers the blood pressure and regulates blood circulation in our body. It improves breathing and movement of oxygen in our body.

Most commonly, Yoga is helpful in managing common disorder, generally diabetes, hypertension, obesity and joints related problems. 

Physiological Impact 

Through Yoga, the body triggers a line of beneficial chemical processes within the body, shows the heart rate, reduces the level of blood lactate, lessens the muscular tension, leads to more efficient gas exchange in the lungs, lower levels of cortisol and adrenal levels. This not only boosts the immune system, but also results in higher energy levels, and increase strength. 

Normalizing Blood pressure

Blood circulation can be improved in the body through Yoga and Pranayama and has proved to treat both High Blood pressure ( Hypertension) and Low blood pressure (Hypotension). Practicing Yoga stretches keeps the arteries ductile and reduces the stiffness of the arteries which again lower the blood pressure.

It results in the creation of positive energy leading to a better and improved lifestyle. Certain Asana have the power to slow the heart rate by soothing the nerves and minimizes the chances of heart attack.

Yoga and mental health - Depression

Yoga helps us to release from depression. If we do ‘asana’ and ‘pranayama’ daily 20-30 minutes, then it will helpful for us.


Meditation, or as Westerners like to term in it “ Mindfulness” has the ability to enhance skills like attention, memory, and emotional intelligence.

Building Resilience

Studies show that the Meditation has proved to decrease anxiety levels, thereby increasing resilience and performance under stress.

Enhances emotional intelligence

Brain imaging studies suggest that meditation can help enhance your ability to control and regulate your emotions. To be more precise, it helps the mind to take control over the body and not the other way round.

Boosts creativity

It has been proved scientifically through various studies that the human mind is most creative and come up with the brightest insights and breakthrough when the mind is in a relaxed state of mind.

Anxiety disorder

Yoga is also helpful for anxiety disorder. If we do some poses for anxiety disorder i.e.; tree pose, triangle pose, standing forward bend, fish pose, head to knee forward bend etc. We may find that focusing on both our breath and our ability to present in each pose can help quiet negative mental chatter and boost our overall mood.


In today’s society is fast approaching a more sedentary lifestyle, there is a greater need – than ever to increase the daily activity levels in order to maintain good health and body fitness. Health is not everything but without health is nothing. The benefits of increased feeling of relaxation, improve self confidence and body image, improved efficiency, better interpersonal relationships, increase in attentiveness through Yoga and meditation as a way of life encourages an optimistic out look on life. The public interest towards yoga and meditation is increasing day by day due to their beneficial effects in mental and physical health, So every year we celebrate International Yoga day on 21 June since 2015.

Yoga, the answer to healthy mind and body offers the guidance on life’s path through the practices of yoga, ' asana’, ‘pranayama’. Well-being and a free happy and healthy life, are in our hands.



  1. Why do individuals do yoga? Yoga is practiced by more than 90% of people for flexibility, stress reduction, wellness, and physical fitness. Yoga encourages self-examination, the development of kindness and self-compassion, as well as ongoing development and self-awareness. Yoga provides a regimented technique to unwind, cleanse the mind, and achieve calmness for people who battle anxiety or despair. Also, it enhances quality of life and mental health. Yoga is still as effective now as it was many years ago in bringing the body and mind into balance.

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