The Pentagon of success: The Magic behind Success

Success! It’s a dream to someone, or someone gets it without facing much straggle. But being a successful person in life is not always happened as a miracle; rather most of the successful persons have a long story of struggle to reach it. 

The Pentagon of success: The Magic behind Success

Gaining success or reaching the absolute goal needs a long and thorn way to go. If anybody miraculously gets success without any effort it will not definitely be lasted for long time and it will not be so much pleasurable to that person as it could be. Success or valuable thing got by chance always diminishes away easily and suddenly. So every human being should try to gain success in life or reach his long cherished dream by exercising some rules. 


Some magical rules can be stated which can easily take a person towards his shining successful future. The magic behind success can be pointed out by a success pentagon which consists of five magical rules, though success is not actually a magic at all.

1. Fall in love:

You may be surprised to read this headline! Falling in love! Is it really a matter of being successful? Yes! It is. But this is not the love you actually mean! If you want to be successful or if you want to reach the peak in any area, you must have to fall in love with everything related to that area. A person has to fall in love with several things to gain success.

a) Love your parents, relatives, religion, country and other surroundings:

The first magic behind success is to love your surrounding persons and things. At first you must have to love your parents. Without loving your parents and other relatives you will never progress anyway. Beside this, you have to love your religion also. You also have to love the country you belong to.

b) Love your study:

You must have to fall in love with your study. If you can’t love your subjects or courses of study, your discipline of study, your field of study, or your educational institution of study- you can never be a top scorer in your student life. If you do not find interest in any subject, discipline or area in study then try to change it if possible. If it is not possible to change, then take and think about it positively. Try to love. Give time in the subjects or courses you find hard or boring.

c) Love your job:

When you will enter the job sector after completing your study, you must have to fall in love with your nature of work and the organization you work with. If you can’t do it, you can never be successful in your job field. 

d) Love the way you are living in your life:

Always try to love the way of your life. Always try to love present condition and your havings, whether it is all good or mixed with good and ill things. Try to adapt everything you have in your life.

2. Be always positive (Take things easy):

Always try to be positive. If you can take everything easily in your life, then nothing can stand on the way of your success. Being a positive thinker is a matter of practice. Try to develop this virtue in your mind.

3. Do not give up (Be a warrior):

Success is not always easily comprehensible to everyone. Somebody needs much struggle and time to get it. Sometimes you may fall, you may cry, you may find it hard to reach your goal – never give up. Try to be a real warrior. Take the way and your straggle easily and just make it happen. After your rainy day, success will be only yours!

4. No depression (Be patient):

Depression is the most obvious obstacle to success. Your depression will never let you try to reach your goal. So discard your depression and be patient. The one and only defender against your depression is patience.

5. Respect, respect and respect (Be amiable):

Always respect the persons you surrounded by. Respect your parents, teachers, elders, younger, friends, classmates, relatives, bosses, superiors, subordinates and so on. Never be arrogant with anyone. Always try to be amiable. Your politeness is the indicator of your personality. There will be ups and downs in everyone’s life. You may fall, you may be alone in your way, or some incidents may make you cry. Never lose belief in you. Life cycle of a human being is a complex web and being on the peak or being successful is not an elusive thing. One can be successful by practicing this success pentagon.

Best of luck! 

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