Roadmap to becoming a Data Analyst for FREE Online

So—you want to become a data analyst. You’ve done lots of research and decided it’s the career for you—or perhaps you keep hearing about this rather interesting job title and are curious to learn more.

Roadmap to becoming a Data Analyst for FREE Online

Either way, you want to know exactly what a career as a data analyst entails and, most importantly, how you can make it happen.

In the wake of the past couple of years living through a global pandemic, you’re probably also wondering what the industry is like for new and aspiring data analysts going into 2023.

Roadmap to becoming a Data Analyst for Free - 

1 - Excel

Start with Excel, Analyzing Data in Excel empowers you to understand data through detailed visual summaries, trends, and patterns.

- Excel Resource:

2 - (i) Programming Language:

Choose 'Python' or ' R ', any one language for your journey, Python may be the ideal choice if you want to transition to machine learning.

- Python Resource:

(ii) R for Data Analysis : 

If you're passionate about the statistical computation and data visualization aspects of data analysis, R could be a good fit for you.

- 'R' Resource:

3 - Databases:

 Learn both SQL & No SQL databases

- MySQL Resources:

- Mongo DB:

4 - Statistics & Probability: 

Master the concepts of Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics

- Resource:

5 - Interactive Data Visualization Tools: Learn Tableau or Power BI

- [Power BI] Resource:

- [Tableau] Resource:

Moreover, here is the quarter-wise roadmap to become a Data Scientist in 2023:

That's a wrap!

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