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PC players may have only recently been able to play the 2018 God of War, but follow-up God of War Ragnarök has already been released for PS4 and PS5 to great critical acclaim.

Given that the 2018 reboot ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, PC users will surely be hoping that Ragnarök comes to the platform also - and chances are good. God of War Ragnarok is currently slated to launch on the 9th November 2022. The fine print at the end of its reveal trailer, which you can watch below, includes a mention about it "coming to PlayStation consoles," which puts it in the realm of exclusives.

A God of War Ragnarok PC release date hasn't been announced yet. While Sony has made its intention to bring more PS4 games to PC, there are no signs at the moment that this will apply to those launching on its latest console.

God of War Ragnarok PC release date: Unknown, console version slated for 9th November 2022

In late May 2022, the game was rated by the Korea Media Rating Board, however, there was no mention of a PC launch.

In a surprise move, Sony has been committed to releasing several of its biggest PS4 games on PC in recent years, with the likes of Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted and the two Spider-Man games now available on Steam.

The already impressive-looking games get additional features such as upgraded visuals, DLSS implementation and more customisation on PC, so Ragnarök will likely look even more stunning once it gets ported.

When exactly Ragnarök will appear on the platform is quite the question, however, as we're yet to receive an official release date - but here's when we think God of War Ragnarök will come out on PC.

When will God of War Ragnarök come out on PC?

We’re not expecting God of War Ragnarök to release on PC for quite some time. Based on how long it has taken for various PlayStation games to be ported to PC, however, we can make some guesses. Don’t expect it to release before a year has gone by, at least.

Speaking to Julien Chièze on YouTube (thanks VGC), PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst explained that "going forward we’ll see at least a year between releases on PlayStation and on the PC platform, possibly with the exception of live service games." Based on this, we’re not expecting to see God of War Ragnarök to release on PC until 9th November 2023 at the earliest.

God of War Ragnarok's reveal trailer put Kratos and Atreus next adventure on top of many fans' wishlists. The follow-up to one of the PS4's biggest titles has big shoes to fill and, from the looks of it, it's on the right track, which is why many of us are wondering if a PC release date might be on the horizon.

God of War Ragnarok promises to continue exploring Kratos and Atreus' relationship while delivering more of the reboot's brand of brutal, intense combat. Here's what we know about a potential PC release date.

Sony's continued push to have more of its games on PC could eventually extend to PS5 titles, despite there being no concrete signs of that happening just yet.

At the moment, a God of War Ragnarok PC release date doesn't seem to be in the cards. We'll intercept as many ravens as we can and update this article with any news as soon as we learn more.

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