Benzema will play against Argentina in the final 2022?

Benzema will play against Argentina in the final?

Karim Benzema was kicked out of the World Cup after falling into a blackmail scandal before the last World Cup in Russia. As a result, he could not be a part of France's World Cup winning team. This time, this star was thrown from the field at the last moment of the start of the World Cup in Qatar. Due to injury, Maru Buke had to leave the World Cup squad to rehabilitate his club Real Madrid. That Benzema can be seen in the World Cup title fight against Argentina!
Defending champions France will take on Lionel Messi's Argentina in the title-determining final match at the iconic Lusail Stadium in Doha on Sunday (December 18). The match will start at 9 pm Bangladesh time on that day.

Ahead of the finals, rumors swirled that recent Ballon d'Or winner Benzema would return to the France camp for the 22nd World Cup final against Argentina. As a result, it is not surprising if Benzema is on the field without playing a single match in this World Cup.

Coach Didier Deschamps left Benzema in the 26-member squad for the World Cup as several players in the France team were injured. But France did not take anyone as his substitute. So the buzz around Benzema is on a mission to win the World Cup title for the second time in a row.

The doctors gave Benzema three weeks to recover from the injury. So he moved to Real Madrid as part of the rehabilitation process. Benzema has gradually recovered and is now completely fit. So the France team is flying him to Qatar from Spain.

Meanwhile, the Spanish club Real Madrid poured ghee into these rumours. Club officials have given permission for Benzema to go to Qatar. Hence the rumors of his return to the France camp in the dream match.

According to media reports, France wants to keep Benzema on the bench to try to put pressure on Argentina. However, French coach Deschamps did not say anything directly about his absence.

Desham added to the mystery when the question arose about Benzema. In response, France coach Deschamps said, 'I don't want to answer this question. I'm sorry, say the next question please.'

According to several European media citing the French team management, Karim Benzema can be Desham's trump card in the final. He may be the coach's trump card against Lionel Messi's Argentina! So it won't be surprising if he is in the field come Lucille's final.

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