Bangladesh ePassport Guide 2023 - How to get it within 7 days?

In this post we will share how to apply online and get your ePassport Procedure 2023 in Bangladesh. Here I am sharing all the steps one by one.Also check Bangladeshi E-Passport Verification Stages and FAQs

◈ Procedure:

1. Setting up an account: 

Go to and click "Apply Online".Fill out the details accordingly. Lastly, verify your account through your email.

2. Apply for a new ePassport:

Go to and login with the account that you just created. Click on "Apply for a new e‑Passport". Fill out the details accordingly and submit your application.

3. Printing Documents: 

Download "Print Summary" and "Application Form" for Printing.

4. Payment: 

You can use AChallan app to pay your passport fee. I don't have any experience with this app as I paid my fee through a bank.

If you want to pay passport fee through the bank follow the steps below:

i) Take a copy of the documents that I mentioned in step 3.
ii) Birth Certificate Photocopy(English one)/NID Photocopy (if you have one) [take at least two copies just to be safe]
iii) Go to the bank as early as possible(try to be there before 1 A.M).

You can pay the passport fee through these banks in Bangladesh:


After payment, you will get two documents from the bank, which you will need afterward.

5. Submitting Documents to Passport Office: 

On your appointment date, you have to go to the regional passport office with the following documents:

i) Print Summary (mentioned in step 3)
ii) Application Form (mentioned in step 3)
iii) English Birth Certificate (Original one, not a photocopy)[NOT NEEDED IF YOU HAVE NID] [Also, take your Guardian with you if you haven't still got your NID]
iv) Your NID [Original one/Laminated One] (if available)
v) Father and Mother's NID [NOT NEEDED IF YOU HAVE NID]
vii) Two Documents that you got after payment (mentioned in step 4)
viii) Passport (if you have any previous passport)

They will scan your documents and take fingerprints and photograph on this day. After everything is done, they will give you a "Delivery Slip" which you will need later to collect your passport.

6. Police Verification: 

After some days of submission, a Police Officer will call you and tell you to come with some documents. If your permanent and present address differs, then you will need to do this two times.

7. Collecting Your Passport: 

After police verification is done, your passport will be sent for printing. (You can check the epassport status meanings in this post: Bangladeshi E-Passport Verification Stages and FAQs) You will be notified (through both mobile number and email) when your passport is ready. You can also see your passport status in ePassport website. You will get a message like this when your passport is ready:

Take the "Delivery Slip" (that you got earlier) and your previous passport (if you have any) to the regional passport office and collect your passport. Done!

◈ Note: This guide isn't just for new passport holders it will also work for previous passport (MRP/ePassport) holders. Previous passport holders won't have to go through police verification which will save them some time.

I have tried to explain every step briefly. If you have any further queries feel free to ask in the comment section.

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