Recruitment Advertising Channels - Pros & Cons

Recruitment Advertising Channels - Pros & Cons

Recruitment in advertising : What is it?

Recruitment advertising is the marketing process of capturing candidates’ interest in your company via advertisements, for the purpose of developing a talent pipeline.

In today’s competitive talent market, recruitment advertising has become a popular and necessary strategy for employers to reach the candidates they need. Recruitment advertising helps organizations reach candidates across the web, improve their employment brand, and generate a consistent pipeline of talent that can ultimately be hired.
Recruiters and talent acquisition professionals now use recruitment advertising as a medium not only to reach active job seekers, but also to engage, attract, and nurture passive candidates through the candidate journey.

There are different advertisement channels available to ease the recruitment process. The channels that can play an important role in advertising the job requirement are as follows:

a) Online Job Boards: There are various online job boards available that offer different options for advertising job opportunities. Job seekers mostly look for jobs via online job boards. So, it will increase the chances of the advertisement being seen by the ideal candidates.

b) Website: A website is a low-cost first step that can be used for recruitment purposes. It’s an effective means of recruitment. Generally, the first thing a candidate looks for when he/she find the job post is to check out your website and your offerings.

c) Social Media: In today's era, social media acts as an important recruitment option. So, it is very necessary to plan your social media option of recruitment in such a way that it should benefit the recruitment process. There are so many social media platforms available today and it has a wide range that can be used for recruiting the best talent.

Though recruitment advertising is just one part of the talent acquisition mix, it’s important for all types of employers, both small and large, across any industry. This recruitment method has its own pros and cons. Let's talk about it:

A) Advantages of this method:

1) It targets a more experienced audience: Advertising a vacancy in the classifieds section of the newspaper is more likely to target a more experienced audience that can act as the best option for hiring the experienced candidate.

2) It is an effective way to hire locally: Newspaper advertising for the recruitment purpose allows to focus more on a specific geographic audience and, thus, helps in hiring locally.

3) Newspaper ads offer greater flexibility: When you use a newspaper for your job advertisement option you get more creative freedom.

B) Disadvantages of this method:

1) Fewer people are reading newspapers: Nowadays it has been observed that people are moving towards online news that means fewer people are relying on the classifieds section of their newspaper to search for job vacancies, and that's the reason why the response rate is much lower.

2) The publishing process can be slow: When you decide to publish the vacancy in the newspaper you need to contact the newspaper you want your advert to get published in and then consulting with them about the various publishing details. It consumes a lot of time and so the process becomes slow which can affect the productivity of the school.

3) It limits the scope of the applicants: When a job is posted in a newspaper it means you are actually limiting the scope of applicants to a particular city or town. This reduces the opportunity for those candidates who want to relocate for the job as well as it also limits the chances of hiring the best candidate.

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