Did the formation of European Union (EU) have benefitted Nestlé?

Did the formation of European Union (EU) have benefitted Nestlé?

The European Union has been committed for peace & prosperity since 1957. Help protect our basic political, social and economic rights. Although we take them for granted, these benefits improve our daily lives. Nestlé launched a "Nestlé Needs Youth" program (NNY) in November 2013 to improve the employability of young people. Laurent Frakes, the director of the European Human Resources Region at the time, led the plan, which brought together leaders and human resources teams from all over the world, mainly human resources teams and those responsible for maintaining contact with educational institutions and schools. 

The NNY programme was based on four pillars:

1. Hired 10,000 people bellow the age of 30 for the site.

2. By 2016, 10,000 internships and job opportunities will be offered to all Nestlé companies in Europe.

3. Develop work preparation (RFW) plans for schools, universities and Nestlé companies across Europe, including interview training, resume cleaning, job market provision, etc.

4. Provide 50,000 learning and employment opportunities

5. Sign the AIM6 of the European Youth Forum "Future Skills" program to provide high-quality internships and apprenticeship training programs

6. Introduce All4YOUth Facebook platform (Young people serve young people) , Providing online education, employment and services

8. Seminars and panel discussions with A4Y interns and interns, parliamentarians and youth organizations in Brussels to discuss success and future actions.

9. Organize 5,400 work preparation activities

Do you think the formation of European Union (EU) have benefitted Nestlé? Let us know by posting in the comment section. 


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