What is an Internet browser?

What is an Internet browser?

A browser can be defined as a computer program that can provide the graphical user interface for displaying the different types of web pages and also to provide the facility of navigation among the different webpages. In other words, these are the computer program that facilitates the opportunity to access the information provided on the World Wide Web.

Comparison of the 5 most widely used web brewers

Microsoft Edge

This is still one of the most widely used browsers and it is facing a lot of competition from Google Chrome. It comes as a default web browser with Windows 10. It has a closed-source approach to privacy, adaptation to the latest technology, and very secured these days.

Google Chrome

At present it is considered to be the most widely used web browser and it is promoted by Google. It has various extensions and other security features, however, there have been some incidences of a security breach in recent time


It has a coverage of almost10-15% that makes it the 3rd leading browsers. It has identical features as Chrome. It has relatively better privacy and security than other browsers.


This is facing a decline since 2013. It has a coverage of almost 16% that puts it in the 4th or 5th position of most popular browsers


It has a coverage of almost 5% and it is on the circuit since 1995 when it started a paid product but now it's free to use

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