The problem of air pollution in Dhaka city

The problem of air pollution in Dhaka city

As a responsible and moral citizen of Bangladesh, I would address the problem of air pollution in Dhaka city. Industrial and vehicular emanations are the two main sources of air contamination around there. The modern outflow sources like a large number of ready-made garment factories, Chemical industries, block furnaces, drug ventures, etc play an important role in air pollution in the country.

The air quality of Dhaka is being polluted step by step seriously. The other urban regions like Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra, and Rajshahi have fewer health issues as compared with urban air pollution in Dhaka. Pollution in the environment brought about by the discharge of unintentional or intentional scope of toxic substances. Researches highlight the air quality in Dhaka arrives at a yearly average of 90 µg/m3 of PM2.

The main ethical questions were raised by the above scenario.

Exposure to air contamination is very high in Dhaka, in any event, envisioning openness to air pollution may prompt dishonest conduct and how can it be solved?

Resolving the ethical dilemmas raised by increased air pollution in the city

Bangladesh presently can't seem to be carried out a National Air Quality Standard, there are no itemized air quality guidelines dependent on which Environmental Impact Assessment should be possible. Fewer have been done on air quality estimations and public air contaminations gauges in Bangladesh. People should be counseled and educated. The government ought to fortify vehicle outflow norms, guidelines, and authorization. Measures to diminish fuel demand and improve traffic conditions guaranteeing an emission reduction and ought to be utilized as a complement to specialized measures. Also, strict guidelines have to be given for the industries.

The question can be answered from a utilitarian, Kantian, and egoist perspective

Pollution is straightforwardly liable for human suffering and that makes it a moral issue from a utilitarian perspective, one that is solidly on the petroleum derivative or fossil fuel industry. It should be solved ethically.

Egoistic contrasted with unselfish people were likewise demonstrated to be less pre-arranged not to drive their vehicle or assets for natural reasons.

Kantian morals imply that it is difficult to consider anything at all on the planet, or for sure even the past could be viewed as great without restriction aside from goodwill.

I would agree with the utilitarian perspective because, on the off chance that you addressed indeed, you were most likely utilizing a type of good thinking called "utilitarianism." Utilitarianism is an ethical rule that holds that the ethically right plan in any circumstance is the one that creates the best equilibrium of advantages for everyone.


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