Several Ways that Technology has had an Impact on Quality Control

Several Ways that Technology has had an Impact on Quality Control

Quality control is referred to as a methodology through which a frim reviews and keeps a control on various processes involved in production. It is also defined as a part of quality management through which a firm fulfills its quality requirement. Now we will name several ways that technology has had an impact on Quality Control

Several ways through which technology has an impact on the quality control process are listed as given below - 

  • Use of Six Sigma for quality control purposes.
  • Total quality management.
  • Statistical process control.

The above listed techniques have employed technology extensively, which have paid rich dividends to the companies in various ways. The implementation of quality control processes has increased efficiency and productivity.

Use technology in Six Sigma: 

Use of Six Sigma for quality control purposes has greatly increased efficiency and production of companies. Today, Six Sigma process is used in various companies and across various industries. Six Sigma employs usage of control charts. These control charts measures accuracy of a process. These control charts are employed with new technology to indicate any process variations and shifts in the data, thus controlling and monitoring the process.

Total quality management: 

Total quality management also employs various latest

technologies to control the quality process. Various new technologies such as PDCA cycle, and quality circles are used in order to have the quality under control.

Statistical process control: 

It is a method which uses statistical method to monitor the quality control process. Monitoring of the processes is done to ensure that the processes work on the full potential.

Various control charts are used with the help of latest technologies to keep the quality under control. Pareto charts, Ishikawa diagrams are the other commonly used methods to measure the quality control process..

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