Representation in marketing matters why?

Representation in marketing matters why?

Representation could be a hot topic within the promoting world as customers demand advertising that higher reflects society at massive. But, what will “representation” mean?

Growing up, I used to be impressed by assured, influential business ladies like Diane von Furstenberg. Observance her stand out (and still excel!) created American state dream massive and see myself conjointly being triple-crown as a result of seeing a lady thriving in a very “man's world” suddenly felt come-at-able. If this triple-crown lady had such an impression on the American state, a miss from Missouri, imagine the impact illustration will wear a more oversized and various additional scale.

At Nissan, illustration in promoting suggests that making authentic and culturally-relevant content for our target customers. We've one in every of the foremost various client bases of any maker, and it’s vital to the US to celebrate the cultural nuances of our customers in our promoting campaigns.

Through our support of organizations like the BET Awards, African yank Film Critics Association (AAFCA) and a hundred Black Men of America, we hope our audience sees the ability of their stories through our promoting and partnerships.

Representation is not only regarding our casting selections or supporting doctrine organizations. It’s regarding shifting the manner we glance at helping our communications to those audiences. It’s regarding ensuring our messages are authentic and relatable. It’s regarding having various voices at the table once we arrange and execute our campaigns.

As marketers, it's our responsibility to play a positive role. However, the globe sees those around them and, most significantly, however all and sundry sees themselves. I even have continually aforesaid, "you cannot shoot for to be what you do not see." Let's modification the globe one director, production crew and business at a time.

Over the weekend, several of our inboxes, social media accounts and airwaves were full of messages celebrating International Women’s Day, showcasing women’s achievements, recognizing inspiring leaders and activists and victimization storytelling to empower ladies across the globe. And it works. several of the American states sage I stumbled upon stuffed me with feeling, even delivering American state to tears, particularly this one from Apple specializing in ladies dynamic the globe and this one from the international organization asking the US all to “be the come to life decision the globe desires.”

Both of those American states' ages build me need to square up and still fight. Each of those American states' periods had me cheering for girls. However, flipping through my inbox, the messages there didn’t quite hit the mark. Email when email tried to finely balance inspiration with a decision to buy one thing – from shoes, athleisure, and overclothes to telling American state to do one thing “good for myself” within the kind of eudaimonia, exercise and improvement courses. It all feels a touch false.

How do you see various parts of your identity represented or unrepresented in marketing?

When we talk of marketing a lot of factors represent sides of us and misrepresent other sides. I have seen that some of the marketing related attempts that represent parts of my personality which include-

The marketing attempts that have the emotional appeals are more relatable wherein I can connect to the emotions displayed. Then there are other attempts that go on the logical reasoning which also appeal to me.

The marketing attempts that underrepresent my identity are where the reliance on information about the product or a service is less and where there is overreliance on the nationalistic appeals swaying the audience more on non-merit than merit.

What brands do a good job of representing various people?

Brand representing personality is appealing to most of the customers. Brand personality is the human characteristics associated with the brand. Brand personality positively resonates with targeted customers and gets a competitive edge. Brand personalities are categorized into five broad groups, they are sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness. Here we discuss some brands that successfully represent these qualities.

Brands that represent a personality has the following advantages:

- To communicate the good features and image of your brand

- To differentiate your brand from competitors

- To create an emotional attachment with customers

- To ensure the long term relationship with customers


Nike represents the people with a desire to be at the top with a winning mentality. Nike has framed the brand in form of a coach personality who encourages, guides, motivates and holds their audience responsible for their success or failure. Nike has placed the brand with a characteristic of brave and determination.

Apple represents the people with innovation and a visionary at heart. Apple has framed the brand leader for reinventing the wheel, creating innovation, using imagination, breaking through boundaries of technology and finding your original version. Apple has placed the brand with a characteristic of innovation and creativity.

Why some companies don’t develop Brand Personalities?

Companies with a wide range of Products

Some companies don’t concentrate on developing brand personality as the brand identity building process is complex especially for the companies which offer a wide range of products such as TATA and Reliance which offers a wide range of products.

Companies with a focus on various segments

Companies that focus on various segments of the market avoid developing brand personality strategies to avoid miscommunication of the brand identity among different segments with contradictory characteristics. Xiaomi which focus on all segments of the market avoid brand personality strategy to avoid confusion among various market segments.

How can brands do better?

Brands can do develop strategies for more intensive and specific brand identity strategies for each products in the product line.

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