Indicators that you have the perfect guy as boyfriend

Is your boyfriend right for you?

When you think you have found Mr Right, and your boyfriend seems just perfect, that can be the beginning of the best time of your life. Everything in life seems better, when you can share it with someone you love, but how can you be sure that the boyfriend you think is perfect really is the man for you? Everyone has their own ideas of what makes the perfect man, but here are ten sure signs that will tell you that you have definitely found a great boyfriend.

1. He keeps all his promises

We’ve all met the guys who never do what they promise they will and always let you down. Often, these broken promises are just small things, but they do leave you not quite knowing where you are. If your boyfriend always keeps a promise and is as good as his word, then you can be sure that he takes commitments and his responsibilities seriously.

2. He is a romantic

Some guys give up on the romance, after the very first date, so if you’ve found a man that still shows his romantic side after a few months of dating, then you’ve found a good boyfriend. Many men think that romance is only needed to woo a girl and then they think it can stop. A man that carries on with the romantic gestures is one that cares about you and is not selfish at all.

3. He always has time for you

A really great boyfriend will always be able to find time for you. No matter how busy he is, or how much he has to go out of his way, he will make you his priority and find time to be with you. He does this because he wants to be with you and you are more important to him than anything else.

4. You can laugh with him

Fun and laughter will just seem to come naturally with a great boyfriend. You feel so relaxed in his company that you feel you can let your guard down and have fun. He knows how to make you laugh and you enjoy the same kind of sense of humour as he does and, whenever you are together, laughter is never far away.

5. He loves you for who you are

A great boyfriend will appreciate you for who you are. You don’t feel the need to put on any pretence, because you know that he loves everything about you and that includes your little faults and flaws too. He accepts you you, the way you are, and he would never want you to change.

6. Your family and friends like him

You are happy to introduce your boyfriend to your family and friends, because he seems to get along with everybody. You don’t have to have your family’s seal of approval to date a guy, but it’s always reassuring to find out that they do like the man you are dating. It also shows that he is willing to make an effort to get along with the people you like, and that’s a good sign too.

7. He’s always there for you when you need him

He hates it when you are sad and he is there to support you when feel the rest of the world is against you. It doesn’t matter how low you feel, you know that he will be there for you when you turn to him for help or comfort. A great boyfriend doesn’t judge you either, he just wants to help and he wants you to be happy.

8. You trust him

You know that you can trust this man; it just never comes into your mind that you shouldn’t. You know when he says he loves you, he means it and you never worry about what he’s up to when you are not together. Your gut instinct tells you that can trust a great boyfriend, and gut instincts are nearly always right.

9. He encourages you to do your best

When two people work well together, they bring out the very best in each other. A really good boyfriend is the one who encourages you in all your endeavours and supports you when things go wrong. You work well together as a team and, together, it feels as though nothing on earth is impossible.

10. He has dreams

Your great boyfriend won’t be a guy who sits around at home moaning about how bad his luck is, he will have dreams and aspirations and he will want to the best he can, both for himself, and for you. A man, who has ambitions in work, probably knows what he wants from a relationship too. He knows what he wants in life, and one of those things is your happiness.

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