Hotel management system - Short Note

Hotel management system - Overview


Basically in hotel, services are provided to consumer on the amount of money spent by them. It is an establishment which is used for commercial purposes of providing services to the consumer by providing various facilities such as food, accommodation, various facilities to fulfill their desire and many more. Hotel generally are categorized in different category such as luxury, 3 star, 5 star, 7 star and hotels with more and more star provide a luxury and grand services to its guests/consumer.

A hotel consists of rooms, laws, halls, dining, gym, swimming pool, sports club, roof top, lifts, food ordering services by respective room, luggage facility, call facility, booking of cab for tourism, parking facility and many more. Hotel generally have a time regarding check out in certain circumstances. It provides a luxury facility of providing food, air conditioning room, and in some hotel there is a good way to attract people by giving breakfast complementary. There is always a balance between the cost of outside food rates and the food which the hotel is providing. As there is a huge competition in market regarding the services provided by them and each of them just try to provide more good service as being provided by their competitors. In today's world there is a facility of rating which is given online in various site by the people who have been stayed in respective hotel so to maintain such good and ambitious rating in market the hotel should improve its day to day service being provided and raise its standard of living with the comparison of its charges which is charged on the basis of per room or per family.

The data and research of any hotel can be done easily by looking back to their past services being provided with the current service and ratings being provided to the hotel on various online booking site. As in today scenario online booking have been became very useful and common. People throughout the world can book any number of rooms in any hotel in any other part of the country before time when they actually visit. As the hotel creates its profile in various booking site with detailed facilities provided by them with cost charged according to the room provided it becomes very convenient for user to research on the development of hotel and its services provided in last past year and also to know how long way successful it has become.

In today's time as a huge pandemic corona virus was held the hotel have to bear a much loss as traveling was restricted and the government ordered lock down all over the country. Thus in this difficult situation many hotel owners turned their hotel into quarantine hotel were they helped the people to quarantine themselves by providing them each and every facility as they live in their day to day life. Also there was a system of takeaway from the hotel as they were selling meals and snacks. The customer could order and take to the home and not dine in in the hotel.


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