Green Human Resource Management - Meaning, Importance, Benefits

Green Human Resource Management

What is green human resource management?

Green Human resource management is all about sustainable use of the resources within the corporate and also promoting environmental level of sustainability. 

It basically involves two areas -
1. Environmental friendly HR practices and 
2. reservation of knowledge capital.

All HR strategy will revolves round this green practices which serve better eco system and drive more HR culture in favor of green and lean approach. Lower cost and better engagement of employees such as using less paper work and try to promote more digital solutions in operations, reducing consumption of electricity and fuel, optimization of office spaces. etc.

What do you understand by green human resource management?

Green human resource management is aligned to lean initiatives and sustainability practices. It incorporate in to HR strategy in developing a sound working environment and culture with efficient approach to preserve eco system .Promoting tele communication or e work to reduce the movement of resources, providing healthy work environment and systematic approach in operations which could reduce the usage of electricity and other natural or processed resources.

Why is Green HRM Important?

Within thousands of businesses today, sustainability plans are growing steadily due to the threats and uncertainties that climate change has caused our world. The support of senior management is crucial in the implementation of its sustainability management by an organization.

Benefits of Green HRM

Companies need to carry out an environmental audit that can focus on recycling and help society and its people. It will help the workers and members of organizations to understand the use of natural resources and promote eco-friendly goods. Some benefits of Green HRM are as follows-
  1. It can support organizations to minimize expenses without losing talent.
  2. It decreases a company's total costs as it becomes more effective concerning the use of electricity, water, and manufactured goods.
  3. It helps to achieve greater employee job satisfaction and dedication, which leads to increased productivity.
  4. Develop a culture of concern for the holistic wellbeing of fellow employees.
  5. Small companies can also reduce their electricity costs by using technologies that are energy-efficient and less costly.
  6. It can be used to create good public relations if an organization adds a green initiative to its workplace.

How to implement green HR

First, it’s important that HR practices and procedures align with the sustainable goals; employees will then increase their awareness and commitment toward sustainability. The shift toward sustainable business practices involves HR in an important role: to steer change in the organisation and bring together HR and CSR to create synergies between the organisation’s strategic mission to become a sustainable organisation and equip all employees and stakeholders to implement this in everyday business practice.

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