Aligning Marketing with Social Justice Movement for Burger Outlet

Aligning Marketing with Social Justice Movement

Aligning marketing with social justice movement for burger business is a bit tough task as social movements have parties/people’s in favor of movement and opposed to movement. As such, a burger joint need to ensure it select its social justice movement carefully and find reasons relatable to burger business that have somekind valid relations that can be easily established for people to understand and related too. To align a burger business with a social justice movement, following points can be considered-

1. Select the right cause - A burger joint needs to find a right cause to align to a social justice movement. For example a social justice movement which supports action against discrimination of obese children and promotes healthy food habits in children can be related to burgers businesses healthy burger products. As such, the aligning marketing with social justice is easy in this case. Therefore business needs for select right kind of social justice movement.

2. Relatable subject of social justice movement - Burger business need to find a relatable subject or association with such social justice movement subject. For example, burger business can align itself with social justice movement which works for cruelty against animals in commercial farms. This is a just cause to which burger business relates to as it is farms consumer and supports prevention of cruelty against farm animals for its meat products. A relatable reason for marketing.

3. Avoiding any and all kind of discriminatory social justice movement and people associated with such movement - It is not only social justice movement but the volunteers and activists who are running the movement need to be validated to check if they, through their movement are not supporting selective or discriminatory practices in the society. For example, a burger business cannot relate to social justice movement which is lead by a know felon or imposter kind of activists or a social justice movement which is supporting a cause which results in discrimination like supporting a particular kind of political view.

4. A good for all marketing opportunity - Burger business has to weigh marketing support to social justice movement based on its benefit for themselves and society. Such benefit should be reasoned for its comprehensiveness to avoid any discrimination in Burger businesses target audience or customers. For example, a burger business can support a social justice movement which want universities to provide part time work credentials to its students irrespective of their race or religion to work in local businesses by engaging and encouraging local business to offer employment to all of its students as per their availability. A good for all kind of marketing opportunity exist here for the Burger business to support and sponsor such programs.

5. Marketing with a supplementary cause and complimentary goals - Burger business should support marketing with social justice movement which supplement the causes that is useful for business as well as society and which complements the intended purpose of businesses marketing strategy. For example Burger business can support social justice movement which voices support for local farmers and use of their produce in restaurants and hotels. This is a supplementary cause that is beneficial to complimentary/main purpose of businesses marketing strategy of advertising freshness of its products attributed to use of local produce from farmers around its business location.

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