Why buying Local?

Buying local has always been my priority and should be everyone's. It is important for our own economy and people. It will reduce our dependence on imports and make us self sufficient, creating employment and increasing the domestic wealth. I manifest this priority whenever I go to the market, my first question yo the seller is show me some local brands of the product. I also encourage my friends and family to use domestically produced goods. Whenever I buy such local products I put good review about them in public. I am ready to pay more on average for local products if the price difference is not high.

Is buying local a priority to me when making a purchase?

Sometimes I deviate from the same and buy products that are not local. This happens when such products are either not produced domestically or the quality of the domestic product is too low. I sometimes also deviate because of large price differences between imported and domestic products.

• What does Buying Local mean from the perspective of marketing?

: Buying local simply means buying any commodity from a business in our area which is owned and controlled by members of community around us , which possess decision making abilities over the business operation.

Buying local is more than buying something from local business. It is somewhere keeping job opportunities in our community, supporting and building strong and vibrant local society

• How to determine what local means ??

: In my opinion local does not mean everything which is available in our locally or in local supermarket. Generally supermarkets and other stores sell products which are global and are rarely local

The term local should be associated with a product which has been produced locally, using local resources and manpower which helps in upliftment of the local society

• Limits to buy local in PEI ?

: No, there is no any limit in terms of quantity for buying local products in PEI (Prince Advard Island) , but there may be certain restrictions as who can enter PEI

• What is Glocal ?

: The term glocal is the mixture of two words globalisation and localisation , which reflects characteristics and qualities by both global and local consideration. The term is used for a product which is developed , distributed and marketed on global basis but is adjusted and accommodated as per local needs also.


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