How to Change Gmail Account Name

If you send an email to someone via Gmail, the email recipient will see your name and email address. However, there is no need to have the name displayed in your email. If you want, you can easily change your name displayed in Gmail.

Although the display name can be changed, Gmail's username cannot be changed, meaning you cannot change your email address if you want. If your email is then john is the username here which you cannot change. If you want a new email address or username, you need to open a new account.

Let's take a look at the reasons why Gmail may need to be renamed.

  • If the Gmail account name is entered incorrectly when opening the account
  • If you only want to display your first or last name in the email
  • If you have legally changed your name
  • I want to add a name to your middle in the email with the name displayed
  • If you want to use a shorter version of your name

Let's learn how to change the name of Gmail.

  • First, log in to Gmail's website
  • If you haven't already logged in, log in with your Gmail account
  • Now click on Settings (gear icon) in the right corner of the screen
Rules for renaming Gmail
  • Then select the See all settings option from the menu
Rules for renaming Gmail

Then you will see the settings selected in the General tab. Select the Accounts and Import tab.

Rules for renaming Gmail

You will see your email address next to the Send mail as option. Select the edit info option next to the email address.

Rules for renaming Gmail

In a new window you will see the settings to change the name of your Gmail. Select the blank box below Name and enter the desired Gmail name.

Rules for renaming Gmail
  • Then click on Save Changes to change the name

This way you can easily change the name of Gmail in a short time. 

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