Globalization of Business Management

Globalization of Business Management

Globalisation in simple words refers to changes. The change is essential for more integrated world. Globalisation in business is the change in the company that is restricted to one country to going wide in various countries. The impact of globalisation in business is wide because not only it reduces the selling barriers in other countries but it also leads to gaining advantages in price due to different price changes of different countries.

let us explain the globalisation in business management through references:


Infosys is one of the leading software company of the world. It was establised in 1981 by N.R. NARAYAN MURTHY. Today infosys has a market capitalisation of $34.1 billion. This hasopnly happened because infosys went global .It was established in India but today it is the leading IT company worldwide. Infosys has followed a principle of ACT GLOBAL THINK LOCAL. It has combined cultures of east and west which is required for any comapny to go global.It is globally successful because it has retaibed its core values like quality, highest standards of corporate governance, responsible corporate citizen, innovation, wealth creation for employees. Infosys knew that the internationally well known brand will not make the company global. It is "ETHINC NEUTRAL" corporate culture that will make the company a global success. Adversity at the top members will bring different cultures in the company and it will benefit to the company in all matters.


Lenevo is a chinese computer company which was established in 2005 as a division of IBM. Today it is an international company by following the strategy of globalisation. It is a leading IT company both in china and throughout Asia. It has focused on change, culture, ethics, globalisation, innovation and strategy. The management team of Lenovo was restricted to only Chinese and Chinese norms so the acquisition team was sent to US to learn to conclude the matter in English. But the Chinese board and the US board understood that they did not know each othe, However over the years the Chinese management team has learnt to run the multinational company. Lenevo is listed in Hong Kong but it has headquarters in north California and Beijing. So it has dual headquarters. The company's top management team consists of 9 members out of which 6 are from different countries and all having an outstanding international experience.


Samsung is an international was established in 1938 and today it has more than 285 overseas operation in 67 countries. It is a korean company but it works on 2 strategy:

a) expand outside its home market

b) equip overseas with its skills and resources

Globalisation provides access to new producers and suppliers in the market and hence it widens the working ground for a company. Samsung has a priority on being a respected corporate citizen, a good employer and a helpful neighbour in the local community. Its goal is to maximize brand equity and provide the dealers with the highest standard of quality.

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