Create Your Own Version of YouTube ReVanced APK

As we all know that YouTube Vanced is no longer in development.Here is how you compile the ReVanced apk & MicroG apk.
1# Download Python 3 and install it [ ]
2# Download RV.Apk.Packer.1.7.exe [ ]
3# Create a New Folder on your Desktop and copy the RV.Apk.Packer.1.7.exe there.
4# Run the exe and follow the screenshot. Java will download and install, the app will close automatically.

5# Run the exe again and follow the screenshot.

#6 Select 1 if you want to use all the patches or select 2 to manually select patches.

#7 Manually chose the patches you want. Let it download everything then press ENTER when asked.

#8 App will automatically create 2 apk files and close itself.

#9 Install those apk files and enjoy.

1. Sponsor Block is not yet available.
2. Swipe to volume and Brightness also not available yet.
3. Some android 12 devices can still show up ads.


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