Conservation of Water in Locality

Conservation of Water in Locality

As we know that the today's weather is very unpredictable because of the bad condition of the ozone layer, increasing of methane gas on the Earth, and the most prominent thing is the chances of Global warming is also increasing day by day, and due to these reasons water conservation is the most necessary step for today's lifestyle because when we conserve the water, it would also save the Earth and helps in a lot of purposes which is related to our day to day life and helps to irrigate the field also.

If we go through the locality of the World, then we can see that most of the places have their sources and management to conserve the water, the countries like America, Italy, South Africa, India, etc started a new policy to conserve the water, so that farmers would not go through the difficulties in crop production. The practice of conserving the water is also taught by the grand organizations like WHO, UN, and many more, and this organization gives the proper training about the technique to save the water to the people who want to conserve the water.

In some other countries, there is also disruption in conserving the water due to lack of facilities and lack of knowledge, and to preserve the water they must take these steps:

1. If they use the water in limitation or just as a need then they can preserve the water.
2. secondly, if they use less water to wash the clothes and utensils, and during washing the clothes they must off the tap, and by doing this process they can easily preserve the good amount of water.
3. If the people would use the normal flow of water except the high flow then they can save the water too.
4. If there is any kind of leakage at the home or in any place then that area must be repaired too fast, so that water could be saved.
5. suppose there is heavy rain and we keep a large bucket in many numbers then also we can preserve the water which would be used for the irrigation of land.
Therefore, conserving water is the most beneficial step for every country, every state, and also every people because it gives a new idea to our mind to survive our life in a good way and that's why everyone must save the water.

Problem that has be solved in this article: 
We know that water conservation is the careful use and the protection of water resources. Now, please elaborate your observation whether at your locality water conservation is properly practiced or not? If there is any disruption in conserving water, what measures will you take to preserve it?

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