An Overview to Managerial Skills

An Overview to Managerial Skills

Managerial skills represent a knowledge and ability of the individual on a managerial position to fulfill some specific managerial activities . So in order to achieve the goal in effective and efficient manner the manager has to use his managerial skill.

There are different type of managerial skills:

Technical Skills: They give the manager knowledge and ability to use different techniques to achieve what they want to achieve not only in production but also to increase sales, marketing different products etc.

People skill: It is very important for manager to mange his people so that they can work efficiently and towards achievement of goals. Having the right people skills will help manager get the most out of employees and teams. Express yourself openly and honestly, and be sensitive to other people’s feelings and needs. You should also motivate your people and give them proper feedback so tht they can improve.

Time management: Set your priorities of work and do it according to the importance within the set time and achieve the results.

Conceptual skills: The manager can easily see the whole through analysis and diagnosis of different sitations in order to predict the future of the business as a whole. This is applicable mostly to top managers. 

Project management: Process knowledge also plays a part in project management Organizational skills are essential to track the timelines of project. Effective project management often involves understanding manufacturing, supply chain and other processes and being able to integrate a project with business goals.

Conflict management & other skills: Negotiating skills are key to resolving conflicts, as well as keeping projects and people on track to achieving goals and objectives. Than the manger must have skill to keep himself calm in difficult situations, he must have skill of stress management.

These were the skills represented by participants in a project.

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